The Research Activities within this theme aim to advance organic production practices for fruit and vegetable growers while emphasizing environmental and production sustainability. Specifically, they will examine:

  • The development of new vegetable varieties specifically suited for organic production.
  • Advancing organic vegetable production through the use of organic vertical farming, greenhouses, and nutrient management planning.
  • The optimization of holistic production systems for organic production of lettuce, berries, and grapes.

Horticultural Crops addresses the following priorities of the AgriScience Clusters program:

  • Discovery and applied science for major commodity sectors.
    • The BC Wine Grape Council supports Activity 15
    • Crop variety development: Activity 11
    • Resistance to pests and disease: Activities 15, 16
  • Enhancing efforts in environment and climate change: nutrient management (Activities 14, 15, 16), yield stability under low-input conditions (Activities 11), decreasing the environmental impact of greenhouse production (Activity 13)


Activity 11 – Participatory variety trialing and breeding for commercial organic vegetable growers and seed producers in Canada.

Activity 12 – Development of an organically managed baby greens production system: a multidisciplinary approach.

Activity 13 – Organic vertical farming (OVF) vs. smart use of greenhouses.

Activity 14 – Improving organic vegetable farm sustainability through enhanced nutrient management planning.

Activity 15 – Unique cover crops, rootstocks, and irrigation techniques for Canadian vineyards.

Activity 16 – Physical control of pests and increasing the harvesting season via an innovative high tunnel adapted to organic berry farming, rain shelter and insect proof nets.