Organic Science Cluster 4 (2023‑2028)

The Organic Federation of Canada and the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada at Dalhousie University are pleased to announce that we will be partnering on a fourth Organic Science Cluster!

While still at the proposal stage, pending approval, Organic Science Cluster 4 support will be provided by the AgriScience Program under Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Canadian Agricultural Partnership (an investment by federal, provincial, and territorial governments) and matching contributions from the agricultural community.

The Organic Science Clusters have supported organic science at over 35 Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, university, and provincial research stations across Canada.

2021 Canadian Organic Research Priorities

Research priorities have been established for the organic sector based on over 20 consultation meetings held with over 200 producers, processors, extension specialists, and researchers. These priorities should guide the LOI and proposal submission process. Details can be found in the document: