Health, welfare, and sustainability for organic poultry, dairy, and swine

Livestock production is an important aspect of the organic sector in Canada. Although smaller than the crop sector, it has great opportunity for growth. Organic livestock producers place an emphasis on raising healthy animals with a focus on welfare. Alternative medical treatments and feed sources are common research priorities for organic livestock producers. The Research Activities in this theme aim to address sustainable, welfare-minded production systems for organic poultry, dairy and swine. Specifically, they will examine:

  • The use of berry by-products to promote health in organic poultry.
  • The development of alternative treatments for mastitis in dairy herds.
  • Innovative feed alternatives for organic swine, including their use in a rotational grazing system.
  • An alternative to surgical castration for the welfare of organic pigs.

Activity 24: Optimization of berry by-products use in organic poultry production

Activity 25: Welfare friendly alternative to surgical castration for organic pigs