Exploring the impacts of organic production systems

Consumers are now citing the environmental benefits of organic production systems as a key factor in their choice to purchase organic products. There is, however, a need for Canadian research to elucidate the impacts of organic production on key ecological and environmental metrics and identify areas for continuous improvement. The Research Activities in this theme aim to explore and enhance the sustainability of organic production systems. Specifically, they will examine:

  • The impacts of various tillage practices on soil health.
  • Alternative nutrient sources and production practices to close the nutrient loop.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions of organic production systems throughout their lifecycle.
  • Habitat for pollinators in organic cropping systems.

Activity 26: The effects on soil biology, soil chemistry, and water quality of amending organically managed soils with struvite

Activity 27: Soil health in organic tillage-based systems

Activity 28: Increasing pollination, biological control and beneficial insect diversity farms using flowering habitats

Activity 29: Net life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of Canadian organic field crop production systems