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Our Faculty of Agriculture is committed to dedicating our human and physical resources to addressing the significant challenges to global and local sustainability food security and health and well-being in this rapidly changing landscape within our sector.  These goals are central to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and will be central to our work over the next five years.

Local and Global Sustainability

We are committed to developing agricultural and landscape practices that reduce or offset negative impacts on the environment, increase farmer income, support sustainable communities, improve soil productivity and water quality and enhance wildlife habitats



Health and Well-Being

Supporting the health and well-being of our campus, community and world requires a One Health approach - the collaboartive efforts of multiple disciplines - working locally, nationaly and globally to attain optimal health for people, animals and the environment

Food Security

Achieving global food security while reducing negative environmental impacts is one of the greatest challenges facing agriculture. We are committed to improving food security locally and globally through our teaching, research, international activities and local partnerships