Kitty Kam

PhD Oceanography Student

campus location: SOSB 2-37
LinkedIn: Kitty Kam

Educational Background

  • B.Sc with First Class Honours in Ocean Science (Minor in Earth Science), Dalhousie University (2018)

Research Interests

  • Biological Carbon Pump (BCP)
  • Marine carbon cycle and biogeochemical processes
  • SeaCycler : bio-optical sensing
  • Remote sensing

Teaching Experience

  • OCEA 1001/1002 - Conversations with Ocean Scientists (TA)
  • OCEA 2020/2021 - Tools and Concepts in Ocean Sciences (TA)
  • OCEA 3003 - Introduction to Field Oceanography (TA)
  • OCEA 4140 - Biological Oceanography (TA)


P.J. Duke, B. Richaud, R. Arruda, J. Länger, K. Schuler, P. Gooya, M.M.M. Ahmed, M.R. Miller, C.A. Braybrook, K. Kam, R. Piunno, Y. Sezginer, G. Nickoloff, and A.C. Franco. 2023. Canada's marine carbon sink: an early career perspective on the state of research and existing knowledge gaps. FACETS. 8(): 1-21.

Kam, K., and T. Chambers. 2023. Transitioning to a career outside of academia: A short guide for students and early career researchers. Oceanography,


Kam, K., Devred, E., Atamanchuk, D., Wallace, D. (May 2023). Estimating Net Primary Production in the Labrador Sea using in situ and remotely sensed bio-optical observations [Oral Presentation]. CMOS congress 2023, St John's NL, Canada.

Kam, K., Dale, A., Atamanchuk, D. (May 2023). Seasonal variability of biogeochemical cycling in the Labrador Sea in relation to phytoplankton blooms and regional deep mixing [Poster Presentation]. CMOS congress 2023, St John's NL, Canada.

Kam, K. (2021, March). Estimating Net Primary Production from Daily In Situ and Remotely Sensed Bio-optical Mea-surements in the Center Labrador Sea [Oral Presentation]. 3rd National NetCOLOR meeting, Canada

Research Cruise Experience

1. CCGS Admunsen (2019). Labrador Sea, the Gulf of St. Lawrence and extended Halifax Line as part of AZOMP program, June 3 - 19, 2019 (Affiiliation: Bedford Institute of Oceanography). Dissolved Oxygen Sampling and Analysis.
2. R/V Celtic Explorer (2022). Northwest Atlantic - Biological carbon pump (NWA-BCP) project, May 10 - June 11, 2022 (Affiliation: Marine Institute Ireland). Sampling for nutrients, carbonate system (CTD and pCO2 underway system), and dissolved oxygen (onboard analysis). CTD lead for onboard mission planning and execution.