Research Grants and Contracts

Supporting researchers

The Research Grants and Contracts unit supports researchers in finding and responding to grant opportunities, as well as negotiating and implementing contracts.


Our grants staff have practical experience in guiding researchers through each step of the grant process. Research grant facilitators are assigned to each faculty at Dalhousie. They support researchers by:

  • meeting with individuals or teams to develop research grant funding strategies and proposals
  • offering pre- or post-award support
  • managing investigator-initiated research grants funded by agencies in Canada and US government agencies
  • reviewing and providing feedback at all stages of research grant writing
  • processing and approving all new research grant accounts, including the transfer of research grant funds between institutions for all successful applications

Learn more about grant opportunities, how to prepare your grant proposal, the grants application process and how to manage your grant after it's been awarded.

Find the grants facilitator assigned to your faculty.


Research contracts are legally binding funding agreements between Dalhousie and one or more other parties, such as government or industry. A large number of funding applications also require a contract before Dalhousie can receive the funds.

Because research contracts describe obligations to both the researcher and the university, all research contracts must be signed by the vice-president research (see Dalhousie’s Signing Authority Policy).

The Office of Research Services facilitates a wide range of research related contracts, including contribution agreements, collaborative research agreements, material transfer agreements and confidentially agreements. Service agreements requiring the signature of the vice-president research are also handled through our office.

Learn more about the contract process.

Get in touch with the contracts team.  Team members' roles include:

  • Legal Advisor:
    • reviews all legal agreements related to grants and contracts and other research matters
    • provides legal advice on all research related issues
  • Associate Legal Counsel (OCIE):
    • provides legal counsel to OCIE on contracts and agreements
    • specialist in Intellectual Property
  • Contracts Support Specialist:
    • provides post-award support for contracts

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Contact a research grant facilitator or our legal advisor to learn more about how they can support your research.

Not sure if you need a contract? Check out the section Is this a Grant or a Contract? on the Apply for Research Funding page.