Institutional Programs

Overseeing large-scale funding applications

Institutional Programs assists with and oversees institutional applications, including large-scale research funding programs. Applications for these programs usually require:

  • institutional commitments (such as space allocation)
  • senior administration and relevant faculty approval
  • an internal selection process (in some instances)
  • approval of the relevant dean and department head prior to the submission of the application

Researchers undertaking applications will be required to adhere to an application process and timeline. The process and timeline will be developed in consultation with others including Institutional Programs and the lead researcher, at the beginning of the application process.

Funding opportunities within Institutional programs include but are not limited to:

Canada Foundation for Innovation

The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) helps to fund the infrastructure needs of researchers. Please note that a CFI application must be submitted on behalf of an institution. Many CFI opportunities are issued on an on-call basis.

John R. Evans Leaders Fund

The John R. Evans Leaders Fund (formerly the Leaders Opportunity Fund) is used to help provide infrastructure for new faculty members at all levels of the professoriate in research areas identified in Dal’s Strategic Direction.

Eligible institutions receive an allocation of JELF funding from CFI.  At Dalhousie the JELF allocation is managed at the Faculty level. Researchers interested in applying for a JELF should consult with their Dean’s Office.

Internal deadline CFI deadline CFI decision
Mid-May Mid-June October/November
Mid-September Mid-October February/March


CFI JELF Application Process



Researchers requiring renovations to accommodate research infrastructure will require a binding quote from Facilities Management. The department administrator will be able to facilitate this request. A binding quote requires five to six months to prepare.

For more information on CFI initiatives, please contact


Canada Research Chairs (CRC)

The Canada Research Chairs (CRC) Program recognizes researchers who are the top scholars in their fields across the country. Our Institutional Programs team provides researchers with resources and support when applying for CRCs.

Internal deadline

CRC deadline

CRC decision

Late March

Late April





Mid-November Mid-December May

Internal Allocation of CRCs: Read about Dalhousie’s Guidelines on Allocations of CRCs [PDF 203 kB]

CRC Application Process:

CRC Renewals:  Both Tier 1 and Tier 2 CRCs are eligible for renewal once. Read about Dalhousie’s CRC Renewal Process.

CRC Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Public Accountability and Transparency Requirements

CRC Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

Read a summary of the university's research and innovation strategic direction [PDF 417 kB]. Learn more on the Dalhousie Research website

Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE)

Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) is a major federal funding agency whose purpose is to fund research initiatives that are of national importance. NCE opportunities are issued on an on-call basis. For more information on NCE programs, please contact the Institutional Programs team.

Genome Canada

Genome Canada works to bridge the gap between government, academia and industry in genomics-based public-private innovation. They release opportunities on an on-call basis through their east coast centre, Genome Atlantic.

For more information on Genome Canada, please contact the Institutional Programs team.

Industrial Research Chairs

For more information on Industrial Research Chairs Grants, please contact Maureen Keough, Manager of Research Awards & Special Projects.


Learn more about federal initiatives supporting institutional programs, and additional services Institutional Programs can provide to your initiative.

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