Dalhousie Legacy Awards


2022 Legacy Awards

The 2022 Legacy Awards event will be held in-person in the fall. Congratulations to all of this year's award recipients!

  • President's Research Excellence Awards
  • Emerging Investigator
    • Dr. Erin Bertrand, Faculty, Science
    • Dr. Olga Theou, Faculty, Health
    • Dr. Eric Oliver, Faculty, Science
    • Dr. Tom Ue, Faculty, Arts & Social Sciences
    • Dr. Francesca Di Cara, Faculty, Medicine
    • Dr. Brendan Leung, Faculty, Dentistry
  • Research Impact
    • Dr. Daniel Boyd, Faculty, Dentistry
    • Dr. Jeanna Parsons Leigh, Faculty, Health
    • Dr. Dana Kabat-Farr, Faculty, Management
  • Distinguished Research Professors (formerly University Research Professors)
    • Dr. Paul Amyotte, Faculty, Engineering
    • Dr. Sara Kirk, Faculty, Health
    • Dr. Heike Lotze, Faculty, Science
  • DPMG Award
  • COVID-19 Pandemic Award 
    • Said Msabaha 
    • Jean Lynds 
    • Emma Whitley 
  • Early Career Award 
    • Stephanie Bernier 
    • Brooke Edwards
  • Career Award 
    • Ian Taylor 
    • Julie Hallett 
    • Lesley Brechin (recently retired) 
  • IDDEA Award (Inclusion, Diversity, Decolonization, Equity, Accessibility) 
    • Michele Graveline 
    • Karyn Hemsworth
  • Environmental Health and Safety Award
    • Jason Penney
  • Gladys Littler Award, Faculty, Dentistry
    • Angela Pitman
  • Healthy Workplace Award (login required)
    • Faculty, Management
    • Registrar's Office
  • Staff Award for Excellence in Service, Faculty, Agriculture 
    • Natalie Cole, International Office
  • Dr. Allan Cohen Memorial Award for Community Service, Faculty, Medicine
    • Dr. Selene Etches, Department of Psychiatry 
  • President's Awards for the Advancement of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessiblity (EDIA) - TBD
  • University-Wide Teaching Awards 
  • Academic Innovation Award
    • Biodiversity Working Group
  • Award for Excellence in Education for Diversity
    • Dr. Lisa Binkley, Faculty, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Award for Excellence in Graduate Supervision
    • Dr. Jason Brown, Faculty of Science 
  • Contract and Limited-term Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching
    • Dr. Heather Cray, Faculty of Science 
  • Early Career Faculty Award of Excellence for Teaching
    • Dr. Angela Crane, Faculty, Science
  • Educational Leadership Award for Collaborative Teaching
    • First-Year Chemistry Online Development Team
  • President's Graduate Student Teaching Award
    • Luana Almeida, Faculty, Engineering
    • Reem Karaballi, Faculty of Science
    • Nick Roberts, Faculty of Science
    • Tareq Yousef, Faculty of Medicine
  • Sessional and Part-time Instructor Award for Excellence in Teaching
    • Dr. Rebecca Babcock, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

The Dalhousie Legacy Awards recognize a number of university-wide awards, that are aligned with the university's strategic plan. The awards assist in helping Dalhousie create a culture of respect and recognition for employees at all levels. 

The first annual Dalhousie Legacy Awards was held in June 2018, as part of the university's 200th anniversary celebrations. Read more

Below is more information about each of the Legacy Awards. Note: Some of the awards listed were not recognized in 2020/2021 due to the pandemic and not all awards are recognized annually.

Research Awards

President's Research Excellence Awards
Two awards that recognize the research achievements of Dalhousie faculty members at different stages of their careers. 

Arthur B. McDonald Chair of Research Excellence

University Research Professorship

Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Research Chairs

The Research Awards recognize research work that is innovative and impactful on our society and the natural world. 

People Awards

The People Awards recognize outstanding contributions to Dalhousie University. 

DMPG Award - 
Recognizes an employee of the Dalhousie Professional and Managerial Group (DPMG) for their exemplary contributions to the university. Learn more. 

Environmental Health and Safety Award 
Recognizes an individual or group who has undertaken any activity that makes Dalhousie University a safer place to live, play, work and study. Learn more. 

Healthy Workplace Award - Recognizes a department that fosters healthy workplace practices and initiatives. Learn more (login required)

Staff Award for Excellence in Service -Recognizes staff members who have made exceptional contribution to supporting the Faculty of Agriculture. Learn more. 

Stoker Award for Appreciation - Recognizes a Facilities Management team with significant accomplishment that exemplifies the Facilities Management values. Learn more. 

Stoker Award for Innovation - Recognizes a Facilities Management team with significant accomplishment that exemplifies innovation in the way the work is done. Learn more. 

Stoker Award for Safety - Recognizes a Facilities Management team or individual that has made significant contribution to workplace safety, either by action or commitment to process improvement. Learn more. 

Service Awards

The Service Awards recognize good citizenship through personal volunteerism or by helping position Dalhousie as a good citizen in the world. 

Dr. Allan Cohen Memorial Award for Community Service - Recognizes a staff or faculty member who works to fulfill the mission of the Medical School by displaying outstanding community service with health-related organizations and causes. Learn more

Gladys Littler Award - Recognizes a staff member who exemplifies a high level of commitment, high standards of performance, and outstanding service to the Faculty of Dentistry. 

President's Award for the Advancement of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility - Recognizes the outstanding efforts of a faculty or staff member in advancing equity, diversity and inclusiveness at Dahousie. Learn more. 

Rosemary Gill Award - Recognizes a staff or faculty member who has provided outstanding service to students, other than teaching. Learn more. 

Teaching and Learning Awards

There are nine University-wide Teaching Awards honouring faculty, instructors and graduate students annually for their contribution to maintaining and supporting Dalhousie's reputation as being a leader in higher education. Learn more. 

The Teaching and Learning Awards recognize contributions to maintaining and supporting Dalhousie's reputation as being a leader in higher education.