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Human Resources Department Directory  

Phone: (902) 494-3700 (Halifax), (902) 893-2358 (Truro)
Fax: (902) 494-1480

Hours of Operation:

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

Assistant Vice-President

Jasmine Walsh                                                                                   902-494-8892

Executive Assistant and Operations Manager

Gwen Bartleman                                                                                902-494-1134

Senior Communications Advisor

Kelly Taylor                                                                                          902-494-3888

Legal Advisor, Immigration

Karin McLay                                                                                        902-494-1467


Data Analytics and Systems Management (DASM)

Responsible for translating data into meaningful information, as well as administrating university-wide systems and processes.

Senior Workforce Analyst & Acting Supervisor

Lindie Colp-Rutley                                                                              902-494-6735

Process & Reporting Analyst

Megan Clarke (on leave)

HR Reporting Analyst

Laura Nelson                                                                                       902-494-6292

Technical Analyst

David Weir                                                                                           902-494-6374

Information Systems Support Technician

Mahmoud Elfarra                                                                                 902-494-1132


Academic Staff Relations

Responsible for advising academic leaders on matters regarding academic staff including advice on collegial processes and academic recruitment. Also responsible for managing the university’s relationship with the Dalhousie Faculty Association (DFA), Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Local 3912 and Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), Local 86001.

Director of Academic Staff Relations

Laura Neals (on leave)                                                                        902-494-6236

Administrative Secretary

Trisha Aylward                                                                                    902-494-2290

Manager, Academic Staff Relations

Marlo Shinyei                                                                                      902-494-1127

Academic Staff Relations Data Coordinator

Jennifer Dooks                                                                                    902-494-7090

HR Advisor, Academic Staff Relations

Miriam Breslow                                                                                   902-494-2965

Academic Staff Relations Clerk

Jhoyce Oril                                                                                           902-494-2962


Employee Relations

Responsible for advising managers/supervisors on matters regarding administrative staff; managing the relationship with the Nova Scotia Government Employees’ Union (NSGEU) Locals 77 and 99, ensuring that workplace standards are met, and staff concerns and requests are addressed.

Director of Employee Relations

Chris Hattie                                                                                         902-494-5186

Senior Employee Relations Consultant/Manager, Disability Administration

Orla McDevitt                                                                                          902-494-1138

HR Advisor (Faculty of Dentistry/HR)                               

Kerri Greene                                                                                        902-494-1350

HR Advisor                                                                           

Lisa Morrison                                                                                           902-494-7561


Talent Management

Responsible for recruitment of staff positions, recognition and retention initiatives, learning and development including leadership development and performance management, and organizational health and wellness.

Administrative Assistant

Sonia Nkengbenza                                                                             902-494-1115

Recruitment Coordinator

Stefanie Adams                                                                                  902-494-6232

Manager, Recruitment and Retention

Angela MacMaster                                                                             902-494-1116

HR Advisor, Recruitment and Retention

Sheila MacLean                                                                                  902-494-7812

HR Advisor, Talent Pathways

Mitchell Breau                                                                                    902-494-1427

Manager, Learning and Development

Firas Zaytoun                                                                                      902-494-1113

Manager, Organizational Health

Janice MacInnis                                                                                  902-494-4568


Total Compensation

Responsible for administering all Dalhousie employees’ compensation including payroll, benefits, pension plan, job evaluation and classification.

Director, Total Compensation

Ken MacDermid                                                                                  902-717-3722


Payroll & Benefits

Manager, Payroll & Benefits Administration

Jenny White                                                                                        902-494-6363

Assistant Manager, Payroll & Benefits

Martha Skerry                                                                                     902-494-1125

Susan Whitman                                                                                   902-494-1898

Assistant Manager, Data & Systems Administration

Liz Publicover                                                                                      902-494-1131

Sandra White                                                                                      902-494-1992

Shauna Marshall (on leave)                                                              902-494-3056

Earon Colley                                                                                        902-494-1126

Bernal Betu                                                                                         902-494-1124

Ann Ngo                                                                                              902-494-1128

Payroll Clerk/Receptionist

Ellen Walsh                                                                                          902-494-3700

Benefits Assistant

Marcie Nixon                                                                                        902-494-1122


Retirement Services

Senior Pension Advisor

Laurie Creelman                                                                                 902-494-1120

Pension Assistant

Melanie Thompson                                                                             902-494-1782

Senior Pension Analyst & System Specialist

Alex MacNab                                                                                        902-494-6443

Pension Analyst

Cindy Legere                                                                                        902-494-6985


Disability Administration

Senior Employee Relations Consultant/Manager, Disability Administration

Orla McDevitt                                                                                       902-494-1138

Administrative Assistant

Jessie Dong                                                                                              902-494-1958

Disability Management Coordinator

Justin Snow                                                                                              902-494-4351

HR Advisor

Lisa Morrison                                                                                            902-494-7561


Job Evaluation and Compensation

Administrative Assistant

Jessie Dong                                                                                              902-494-1958

HR Advisor (located at Agricultural Campus)                      

Amanda LeBlanc                                                                                     902-893-2358

HR Advisor

Britney Sears                                                                                        902-494-4327

HR Advisor

Crista MacKinnon                                                                                902-494-6645



For general Human Resource inquiries, please contact 902-494-3700 or email can also search for Dalhousie employees through the Dal Directory.



The Dalhousie Human Resources department is located in three offices:

Office of Assistant Vice-President, Human Resources; Academic Staff Relations, Payroll and Talent Management are located at:

Room 150, Henry Hicks Academic Administration Building
6299 South Street
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2

Employee Relations, Total Compensation (Employee Benefits, Job Evaluation & Compensation, Disability Administration, Retirement Services), Data Analysis & Systems Management (DASM) and Communications are located at:

Room 21, Henry Hicks Academic Administration Building
6299 South Street
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2

Agricultural Campus Human Resources is located at:

Room 212, Cumming Hall
62 Cumming Drive
Truro, NS B2N 5E3