Strategic Direction & Planning

Our Mission (rev 2017)

In spring of 2017, Facilities Management staff took a close look at the existing Mission and Vision and decided to combine the two.

The result is:

We are a team of motivated Facilities Management professionals who provide the Dalhousie community with an inviting, safe and sustainable environment which supports and enhances an inspiring experience in learning, living, working and research.


Our Values (rev 2017)

In spring of 2017, Facilities Management staff took a close look at existing values and came up with the following six:
  • Initiative  -  Trusted to make things better
  • Quality -  Every job matters
  • Respect -  Give respect; receive respect
  • Safety and Security -  Safe work practices; secure environment
  • Stewardship - Invest in people and resources
  • Teamwork - Work together for the benefit of all

Our Goals and Objectives

To create a culture which will foster motivated, successful employees:

  1. Ensure a safe work environment by developing and maintaining an effective safety program.
  2. Promote a respectful and harassment-free work environment.
  3. Develop and maintain recruitment and retention programs.
  4. Identify and confirm roles and responsibilities with appropriate performance management.
  5. Develop and grow a staff training program.
  6. Develop and maintain a team building and recognition program.
  7. Develop and maintain a professional development program.
  8. Promote empowerment and reward innovation.

To advance campus renewal through exceptional stewardship of the
University’s facilities:

  1. Develop and sustain campus facilities as identified through the Campus Master Plan.
  2. Optimize the use of campus space by developing and implementing a space management program.
  3. Gather and manage accurate and timely facilities information through effective use of maintenance management, asset management and document management systems.
  4. Develop and execute a Facilities Management business plan.
  5. Define and achieve performance indicators, including an acceptable facility condition index rating per building.
  6. Establish a facility needs index to provide strategic direction for long-term financial planning.
  7. Develop and maintain systems and facilities in alignment with an energy master plan.

To cultivate client trust by understanding, anticipating and responding effectively to their needs:

  1. Identify and understand client requirements by applying space, design and industry service standards to the strategic focus and resulting department/unit plans and programs.
  2. Encourage and participate in the development of a systematic, strategic planning process for the University.
  3. Define service levels in a financially sustainable manner.
  4. Create realistic expectations of our service delivery standards for
    all clients.
  5. Strive for 100% client satisfaction by consistently meeting our service delivery standards.
  6. Develop a strong, customerfocused culture.

To provide comprehensive and integrated management of Dalhousie facilities through continual process improvement:

  1. Improve the current policy and procedure system so that documented processes are integrated, accessible, consistent and compulsory.
  2. Identify and review current practices to ensure policies and procedures are accurate and applicable.
  3. Validate capacity and align resources to accomplish process requirements.
  4. Establish measurable and realistic key performance indicators (KPIs) for all processes.

To develop and deliver collaborative and inclusive communication strategies
that engage, educate and inform relevant audiences:

  1. Engage and educate our internal and external clients while strengthening our departmental profile.
  2. Communicate effectively with our employees through active listening and accessible mechanisms for feedback.
  3. Measure and analyze the effectiveness of communication.

Our Business Plan

Facilities Management plays a significant role in helping Dalhousie reach its goal of becoming the “best university in Canada”.

Please review our current Business Plan to learn about the strategic objectives and planned activities for the 2015-2016 academic year. 

Previous Facilties Management Business Plans:

Our Year in Review

Facilities Management's role on campus is often behind the scenes. Please review our Year in Review document with profiles of some of the significant projects and initiatives delivered by our team in 2012-2013.