Stoker Awards and Kudos

The Stoker Awards

The Stoker Awards were created at Facilities Management to recognize outstanding work in three areas – appreciation, innovation and safety. They are presented yearly at the annual FM Appreciation luncheon held in late fall. The team is given a trophy to keep in their work area for the year, and each member of the team receives a certificate. 

Stoker Award for Appreciation

The Stoker Award for Appreciation is awarded to an individual or team with a significant accomplishment that exemplifies the Facilities Management values of respect, teamwork, quality, stewardship, initiative, and safety and security.

Stoker Award for Innovation

The Stoker Award for Innovation is awarded to an individual or team with a significant accomplishment that demonstrates innovation in the way our work is done.

Stoker Award for Safety

The Stoker Award for Safety is awarded to an individual or team who has made a significant contribution to workplace safety either by action, or commitment to process improvement.

2019 Stoker Award Recipients:

Aziz Bojang, Security Stoker Award for Appreciation
Lori Lamrock Stoker Award for Safety
Keith McKinnon    Stoker Award for Innovation
Brett Nelson Initiative
Security Front Counter Quality
Finance Team   Respect
Jim Beaton
Safety & Security
Custodial Brown and Orange Stewardship
Jill McPhee

2018 Stoker Award Recipients:

Sexton Custodial and Trades   Stoker Award for Appreciation
Weldon Law Planned Power Shutdown  Stoker Award for Safety
TIE - Campus Planning and Carpentry and Paint Shop    Stoker Award for Innovation
Dave Studley   Initiative
Laura Giddens   Initiative
Greg Smith  Initiative
Nadine Alexander  Quality
Jason Williams   Quality
Craig Shelton    Respect
June Hoffman Respect
AC Trades Team Safety & Security
Ernie Hadley Stewardship
Stephanie MacKenzie   Stewardship
Margie Crouse  Teamwork
Marcia Munroe   Teamwork
Carla Hill Teamwork

2017 Stoker Award Recipients:

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