FM Directory


Office of the AVP

Peter Coutts

Assistant Vice-President

Natalie Shires Executive Assistant to the AVP and Operations Manager
Natalie Shires Communications 1.902.494.6022
Finance and Administration

Arthur Walsh

Director, Finance and Administration

Marina Theriault Manager of Human Resources (HR) 1.902.494.4034
David MacDonald Acting Manager of Finance  1.902.494.1050
Nick Tentomas Manager of FM IT 1.902.494.2251
EHS and Employee Development Coordinator 1.902.494.1052
Marcia Munroe HR Assistant  1.902.494.4832
Milla Kulasekara
Payroll Assistant 1.902.494.1476
Renee LeBlanc
Recruitment Assistant 1.902.494.6109
Sharon Bennett HR/Leave Management Assistant 1.902.494.1967
Aaron Bowering Financial Analyst 1.902.494.1393
Fiona Chen Business and Financial Analyst 1.902.494-3964
Mary-Catherine Jacobs Accounts Payable Clerk 1.902.494.1629
Steven Gao
Accounts Payable Clerk (Acting) 1.902.494.3426
Mike Power FM IT Desktop Support Technician 1.902.494.1053
JoJo Jose FM IT System Support Technician 1.902.494.1553
Campus Planning

Tareq Abdullah

Director, Campus Planning

Nicola Embleton-Lake Assistant Director, Space Management 1.902.494.2724
Vacant Assistant Director, Asset Management  
Nathan Rogers Assistant Director, Capital Planning 1.902.494.4324
Vacant CAD Technician and Coordinator 1.902.494.2868
Andrew Langley CAD Coordinator (Acting) / Architectural Design Technician  1.902.471.9925
Chris Hodgkinson Performance Analyst 1.902.494.7657
Jennifer Clarke-Hines Real Estate Property Manager 1.902.494.7814
Kirk Dexter Junior CAD Technician 1.902.471.9646
Vacant Mechanical Planning Engineer 1.902.494.1223
Katheryn Minty Manager, Asset Management and Space Verification 1.902.494. 6838
Wendy Mailman-Jolly

Space Planning Assistant

Greg McNutt Facilities Planner 1.902.494.4020
Scott Anderson Facilities Condition Planner 1.902.494.6188
Siobhan Evans Accessibility Planning Specialist  1.902.494.8510
Darryl Babin Electrical Planning Engineer 1.902.494.3185
Stephanie MacKenzie Planner (AC) 1.902.956.4492

Alex Walker

Director, Projects

Patrick Oster
Assistant Director, Minor Projects   1.902.219.1331
Julia Cairns Senior Project Manager 1.902.401.4544
Peter Cherry Senior Project Manager 1.902.494.4254
Andre Mereshuk Project Manager 1.902.220-9047
Catherine MacAulay Project Manager 1.902.266.7685
Garry Martell Project Manager 1.902.440.7208
Glen Deveau Project Manager, Electrical 1.902.222.2217
Heather Osborne Project Manager (AC) 1.902.324.0521
Matt Chapman Project Manager 1.902.337.6400
Monica Williams
Project Manager 1.902.229.4200
Pat MacIsaac Project Manager 1.902.448.2477
Philip Li Project Manager 1.902.401.5912
Stuart McCormack Project Manager 1.902.497.1966
Ted Migas Project Manager 1.902.489.8900

Darrell Boutilier

Director, Operations


Bill Jones Shop Supervisor, Carpentry 1.902.494.6801
Blair Westhaver Custodial Supervisor 1.902.494.1424
Carla Hill Custodial Supervisor 1.902.494.3302
Roger Lloy Central Plant Manager 1.902.494.8819
Cindy Murphy Custodial Supervisor 1.902.452.8085
Craig Evans   Operations and Maintenance Supervisor 1.902.494.2034  
Craig Shelton Operations and Maintenance Supervisor 1.902.494.6765  
Gordon Rines Trade Services Manager 1.902.494.1392
Jason Penney Agricultural Campus Maintenance Supervisor 1.902.893.6269
Joanne Marion Custodial Supervisor 1.902.494.1221
Juanita Haas Custodial Supervisor, Evenings 1.902.494.3592
Keith Laybolt Central Stores Supervisor 1.902.494.6718
Vacant Shop Supervisor, Mechanical 1.902.494.1392

Kyle MacKenzie Utilities Manager
Melissa Young Client Reception
Michael Campbell Custodial Services Manager 1.902.494.3652
Michael Wilkinson Environmental Services Manager 1.902.494.8396
Pauline Fitzgerald Client Reception 1.902.494.3345
Perry Sabean Operations and Maintenance Supervisor 1.902.494.3891
Petula Russell Custodial Supervisor 1.902.494.3811
Sharon Josey Central Stores Clerk 1.902.494.1815
Trevor Morine Operations and Maintenance Supervisor 1.902.494.3930

Mike Burns

Director, Security

Jake MacIsaac Assistant Director, Security 1.902.494.7010
Joe Marando Operations Manager 1.902.494.6500
Ed McNeil Security Shift Supervisor 1.902.494.6400
Brad Nicholson Security Shift Supervisor 1.902.494.6400
Aaron Ellis Security Shift Supervisor 1.902.494.6400
Muhammad Nadeem Interim Security Shift Supervisor 1.902.494.6400
Maria Hill Clerical Support 1.902.494.6617

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