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Past KUDOS Recipients

Positive messages sent to us regarding the outstanding work done by employees within the Facilities Management Department.

2018 KUDOS

Winter 2018
Awesome Aaron - Read More   Mar, 2018
Commendable Carl - Read More   Mar, 2018
Presidential Thanks - Read More   Mar, 2018
Bravo Brigitte - Read More   Mar, 2018
Debbie is Heaven Sent - Read More
  Mar, 2018
Superlative Steven - Read More
  Mar, 2018
Kudos to Client Reception - Read More   Apr, 2018
Nadine Helps Beautify Dal - Read More
  Apr, 2018
Janset Revamps Ondaatje Hall - Read More   Apr, 2018
AC Custodial Crew Helps With Accommodated Exams - Read More   Apr, 2018
Dalplex Team Supervisors - Read More   Apr. 2018
Summer 2018    
Mike Power Make a Successful Cellphone Transfer - Read More   Jul. 2018
Balbeer Treats Garden Areas As His Own Home - Read More   Jul. 2018
A Good Team of Custodians - Read More   Jul. 2018
Jojo Jose Is Great to Deal with - Read More   Jul. 2018
Curtis Is Our Ray of Sunshine - Read More   Jul. 2018
Wonderful Lock Shop Team - Read More   Jul. 2018
Grounds Team Impresses at the President's Residence - Read More   Jul. 2018 
Liz McNally Is Helpful - Read More   Jul. 2018
Bonnie Is Friendly and Knowledgeable - Read More    Jul. 2018
Nathan Plays a Supportive Role in Discussing Rainbow Crosswalk - Read More   Aug. 2018
Bridget Provides Outstanding Service at C3LR - Read More   Aug. 2018
Hannah and Susan Keep the Library Clean and Welcoming - Read More   Aug. 2018

2017 KUDOS

Fall 2017

Stuart is a superstar! - Read more Dec, 2017  
Jason Williams lights up the AC! - Read more
Nov, 2017  
Truro campus is in good hands - Read more
Nov, 2017  
The grind never stops for Matt Flewwelling - Read more Nov, 2017  
FM Trades team recognized for World Class site prep - Read more Nov, 2017  
Zone 3 team goes above and beyond - Read more
Nov, 2017  
Wading into one of the messiest jobs on campus - Read more
Nov, 2017  
Client reception team is GOAT - Read more Nov, 2017  
FM Jumps in after AC Boil Water Order - Read more Nov, 2017   
Tim and Troy finish the job - Read more
Oct, 2017  
Everybody Loves Elaine! - Read more Oct, 2017  
You have a friend in Queenie! - Read more Oct, 2017  
New chairs in the Killam are a Major Success! - Read more Oct, 2017  
Congrats Julia Cairns! - Read more Sep, 2017  
Pink Day kicks-off Respect Week - Read more Sep, 2017  
Mike Power saves the day once again! - Read more Sep, 2017  
Drafting tables impress at the AC! - Read more Sep, 2017  
Truro staff shows commitment to Safety - Read more Sep, 2017  
Johanna and Liz keep Fawcett squeaky clean - Read more Sep, 2017  
Risley weekend Custodial team shows diligence - Read more Sep, 2017  

Summer 2017

Floors so clean you can eat of them - Read more Aug, 2017  
Words of praise for Balbeer Singh - Read more Aug, 2017  
Worm Lab renovations make a strong impression - Read more
Jul, 2017  
Grounds Team provides quality upkeep - Read more Jul, 2017  
Macdonald Gardens provide breathtaking scenery - Read more Jul, 2017  
Michael Power helps co-op student out - Read more May, 2017  
AC's Susan Dempster and Jean Mercier have Haley covered - Read more May, 2017  
Marilyn Callaghan makes Mona Campbell a pleasure - Read more May, 2017  

Winter 2017

Stacey Francis and Dan Milson help with Michelin annoucement - Read more Apr, 2017   
Melissa Young will always have your back - Read more  Apr, 2017  
Security's professionalism appreciated - Read more Apr, 2017  
Dal Security provides exceptional client services - Read more  Apr, 2017  
Talking respect with Monica Monroe - Read more Apr, 2017  
Shoutout to FM Snow Removal Team - Read more  Apr, 2017  
Dentistry is lucky to have Kim Garland - Read more  Apr, 2017  
Custodial team helps with accreditation - Read more Mar, 2017  
Dal Security keeps an eye on Dunn - Read more  Mar, 2017  
Henry Hick is lucky to have Fitsum Asgodom - Read more Mar, 2017  
Manny will be missed - Read more  Mar, 2017  
Adele Clayton takes pride in her work - Read more Mar, 2017  
Jason Conrad's dedication is appreciated - Read more Mar, 2017  
Keith Laybolt isn't afraid to go out of his way - Read more  Mar, 2017  
Above and beyond at LMP - Read more  Feb, 2017  
PM Pat MacIsaac's sustainability award - Read more Feb, 2017  
FM Pay - efficient, fast, and friendly - Read more Feb, 2017  
Michael Power helps co-op student out - Read more Jan, 2017  
Cliff Sutherland saves Weldon Law - Read more Jan, 2017  
Marvelous Melissa - Read more  Jan, 2017  
2016 FM Employee United Way Campaign Committee!! - Read more  Jan, 2017  
Tom proves not all heroes wear capes - Read more Jan, 2017  
Logan Ward to the rescue - Read more Jan, 2017  
Wendy: The Cleaning Angel - Read more Jan, 2017  
PM Matt Flewwelling puts safety first - Read more  Jan, 2017  
Miraculous Janset Mufti - Read more Jan, 2017  
Maria Donaldson goes above and beyond - Read more Jan, 2017  
Carol Boucher successfully delivered the project - Read more Jan, 2017  
Gordie Farrell: service with a smile - Read more Jan, 2017  
AC's Susan Dempster and Jean Mercier have Haley covered - Read more Jan, 2017  
Marilyn Callaghan makes Mona Campbell a pleasure - Read more Jan, 2017