On‑Campus Film and Photography


Film/ Photography Policy

The on-campus film/ photography policy outlines the requirements for external entities planning to use university buildings and/or grounds in production. The purpose of the film/ photography policy is to limit the cost and disruption to the normal operations of Dalhousie University.


The three-step application process is to help determine the availability and possibility of an agreement with Dalhousie University for the use of its buildings/ space and people for film/ photography.

  1. An inquiry via email with Event & Conference Services to determine the availability of the buildings/ space and people for a particular date range.
  2. Within 21 days of the film/ photography schedule, an application fee ($200- paid to Event & Conference Services) and a copy of the script and summary of the intended use of Dalhousie buildings/ space and people needs to be provided to Event & Conference Services.
  3. A signed Agreement with Dalhousie outlining the details required for the film/ photography use of the university’s buildings/ space and people.