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DPMG Election Results, June 2017

Posted by Jon Bruhm on June 9, 2017 in News

The following are the results of the 2017 DPMG Elections, which were announced during yesterday’s Annual General Meeting:

President – Acclaimed: Andrea Power (University Secretariat-Senate)

Vice-President – Acclaimed: Kate Somers (Ancillary Services)

Communications Committee – Elected: Erinor Jacob-Levine (Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick)

Membership Outreach Committee – Acclaimed – Carleton: Kurt Sampson (IT Services)

Membership Outreach Committee – Acclaimed – Studley: Toni Livingston (Legal Counsel Office)

Nominating Committee – Elected: Emily Huner (Student Health Services) 

Nominating Committee – Elected: Amy McEvoy (Advising and Access Services)

Professional Development Committee – Acclaimed: Allison Greenidge-Joseph (Financial Services)

Professional Development Committee – Acclaimed: Cheryl Bell (Faculty of Dentistry)

Professional Development Committee – Acclaimed: Martha Meisner (Dalhousie Analytics)

Professional Development Committee – Acclaimed: Sarah O’Brien (Science, Information Technology and Engineering Co-op Office)

Professional Development Committee – Acclaimed: Matthew Timmons (Faculty of Architecture & Planning)

Employment Equity Committee – Elected: Kate MacInnes (Dalhousie Analytics)

Job Evaluation Appeals Committee – Elected: Bob Mann (University Secretariat-Senate)

Job Evaluation Appeals Committee – Elected: Marina Theriault (Facilities Management)

Pension Advisory Committee – Elected: Matthew Timmons (Faculty of Architecture & Planning)

Transportation & Safety Committee – Acclaimed: Kurt Sampson (IT Services)

The Nominating Committee would like to congratulate all of the elected and acclaimed members, and to sincerely thank all DPMG members who volunteered to run for positions on one or more committees this year.