The Dalhousie Professional and Managerial Group [DPMG] was formed in 1980 to promote the interests of managers and professionals at the university. Members of DPMG play an integral role at the university and the achievement of its goals.

DPMG enables the group:

  • to have a common voice for members on any subject of concern;
  • to collectively promote the interests of the group;
  • to foster and facilitate cooperative and productive employment relations with the university; and
  • to promote communication between the university and members, between groups outside the university and members, and among members, in order to facilitate the free exchange of ideas for the common good.

Administrators have legally enforceable individual contracts of employment but incorporated into these contracts, after consultation with the Group through the DPMG Executive, are some common terms and conditions of employment. The university consults with the Group on policy decisions with respect to compensation, hiring policies, terms and conditions of employments, the working environment, and related matters affecting the membership.

Excerpted from the DPMG Constitution