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Email: dpmg@dal.ca

Executive Committee

Robert Wooden (2017), Management Career Services
Email: robert.wooden@dal.ca
Vice President
Jennifer Morawiecki (2017), International Research & Development - Dalhousie Research Services
Email: jennifer.morawiecki@dal.ca
Kate Somers (2018), Housing & Conference Services
Email: kpsomers@dal.ca
Andrea Power (2018), University Secretariat - Senate
Email: andrea.power@dal.ca

Standing Committees


Natalie Mike (2018), Communications & Marketing - Student Affairs
Email: natalie.mike@dal.ca
Alyson Murray (2018), Registrar's Office
Email: alyson.murray@dal.ca
Jason LeCoure (2017), Faculty of Engineering
Email: jason.lecoure@dal.ca


Katherine Rudolph (2017 - Studley), Provost & VP Academic
Email: katherine.rudolph@dal.ca
Joanne Firth (2018 - Sexton), Career Services, Faculty of Architecture & Planning
Email: joanne.firth@dal.ca
Kurt Sampson (2017 - Carleton), Information Technology Services
Email: kurt.sampson@dal.ca
Sarah Langille (2018 - Truro), Environmental Health & Safety, Agricultural Campus
Email: sarah.langille@dal.ca
Stephanie Rutherford (2018 - Saint John), DMNB
Email: stephanie.rutherford@dal.ca


Jon Bruhm (2017), Faculty of Dentistry
Email: jbruhm@dal.ca
Laura Harris Buffett (2017), Department of Anesthesia, Pain Management and Perioperative Medicine
Email: Laura.Harrisbuffett@cdha.nshealth.ca
Terri Mann (2018), Advancement
Email: terri.mann@dal.ca

Professional Development

Janet Bardon (2017), Faculty of Medicine
Email: janet.bardon@nshealth.ca
Sarah O'Brien (2017), Science, Information Technology and Engineering Co-op Office
Email: sarah.obrien@dal.ca
Jason Penney (2017), Facilities Management, Agricultural Campus
Email: jason.penney@dal.ca
Amy Braye (2018), International Centre
Email: amy.braye@dal.ca
Kate Somers (2017), Housing & Conference Services
Email: kpsomers@dal.ca
Christina Coakley (2018), Registrar's Office
Email: christina.coakley@dal.ca
Stefanie Wilson (2017), Communications & Marketing - Web Team
Email: stefanie.wilson@dal.ca

University Committees

Job Evaluation Appeals

Katheryn McInnis (2017), Dentistry
Email: kathy.mcinnis@dal.ca
Leanne French Munn (2017), Office of the VP Academic
Email: leanne.french.munn@dal.ca
Marina Theriault (2017), Facilities Management
Email: marina.theriault@dal.ca

Transportation & Security

Kurt Sampson (2017), IT Services
Email: kurt.sampson@dal.ca

Employment Equity

Keltie Jones (2017), Faculty of Agriculture
Email: keltie.jones@dal.ca

Sexual Harassment Advisory

Jascinth Butterfield (2019), Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Email: jbutterf@dal.ca

Environmental Health & Safety

Deborah Kiceniuk (2018 - Halifax), Centre for Learning and Teaching
Email: deborah.kiceniuk@dal.ca
Amanda LeBlanc (2018 - Truro), Human Resources, Agricultural Campus
Email: amanda.leblanc@dal.ca

Employee Benefits

Courtney Dilllman (2018), Student Services
Email: courtney.dillman@dal.ca

Pension Advisory

Margie Publicover (2017), Computer Science
Email: margie.publicover@dal.ca
Meghan Wagstaff (2017), Dalhousie Analytics (alternate)
Email: meghan.wagstaff@dal.ca