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Executive Committee

President, Michelle Patrick 
Equity & Inclusion
Vice President, Teresa Inacio
International Centre
Treasurer, Carlina Gillis
Secretary, Samantha Nightingale
Faculty of Management 

Standing Committees


Jon Bruhm, Office of Advancement
Stefanie Wilson, Communications, Marketing & Creative Services
Jeffrey Myers, Faculty of Open Learning & Career Development
Tyler Lightfoot, Dal Analytics


Sexton Shelley Caines, Faculty of Engineering
Saint John Melissa Budd, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick
Truro Kamryn Findlay & Lauren Peters, Faculty of Agriculture
Carleton Kathy MacFarlane, Faculty of Dentistry
Studley Peggy Brown, Faculty of Medicine


Curtis Clarke, Registrar's Office
Kate MacInnes, Faculty of Open Learning & Career Development
John-Mark Dawson, Registrar's Office


Personal & Professional Development

Conor Falvey, Schulich School of Law
Gillian Whyte-Roseway, Centre for Learning & Teaching
Sarah O'Brien, SITE Co-op Education
Patricia Figueredo Porras, Information Technology Services
Kariena D'Souza, Office of Sustainability
Zack Yu, International Centre



Amanda Kohlwich, Faculty of Computer Science
Patricia Figueredo Porras, Information Technology Services
Tanya Matheson, Faculty of Medicine
Eleanor Seaman-Bolton, Faculty of Medicine
Indranil Dutta, Information Technology Services
Carine O'Brien, Financial Services

University Committees

Job Evaluation Appeals

Bob Mann, University Secretariat
Heather Fraser, Information Technology Services
Brenda MacPhee, Office of the Provost, Student Affairs

Transportation & Security

Tanya Matheson, Faculty of Medicine

Employment Equity

Quenta Adams, Director, Student Access and Academic Support

President's Advisory Committee on Sexualized Violence

Jascinth Butterfield, School of Physiotherapy

Joint Occupational Health & Safety

Juanita Haas, Facilities Management
Margaret Savard, Faculty of Agriculture
Conor Falvey, Schulich School of Law

Employee Benefits

Spencer Giffin, Research Services

Pension Advisory

Kurt Sampson, Information Technology Services
Joanne Tortola, Schulich School of Law