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Executive Committee

PRESIDENT, Kate Somers (2019), Advancement
VICE PRESIDENT, Christina Coakley (2019), Registrar's Office
TREASURER, Lan Nguyen (2020), Financial Services 
SECRETARY, Terri Mann (2020), Advancement 

Standing Committees


Tyler Hall (2020), Bissett Student Success Centre (CHAIR)
Sarah Ready (2020), Bissett Student Success Centre
Tanis Trainor (2020), Student Affairs Communications & Marketing


Sexton Joanne Firth (2020), Career Services, Faculty of Architecture & Planning
Saint John Stephanie Rutherford (2020), Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick
Truro Jafar Sadek (2020), International Administration, Agricultural Campus
Carleton Kurt Sampson (2019), Information Technology Services (CHAIR)
Studley Dipan Shah (2019), Dean's Office, Faculty of Medicine


Emily Huner (2019), Student Health & Wellness (CHAIR)
Terri Mann (2020), Advancement
Amy McEvoy (2019), Bissett Student Success Centre


Personal & Professional Development

Joanne Tortola (2020), School of Physiotherapy
Robert Moffat (2019), Ancillary Services
Steve Morley (2019), MedIT (CHAIR) 
Heather Butler (2019), Anesthesia 
Hannah Ching (2019), Faculty of Medicine
Tayo Adaro (2019), Registrar's Office
Krystal Donahue (2018), Faculty of Engineering
Fallon Bourgeois (2019), Advancement


Matthew Timmons (2019), Faculty of Architecture & Planning
Martha Meisner (2019), Dalhousie Analytics 
Allison Greenidge-Joseph (2019), Financial Services (CHAIR)
Britney Sears (2019), Faculty of Medicine
Sarah O'Brien (2020), Science, Information Technology and Engineering Co-op Office
Vanessa Jackson (2020), Faculty of Medicine
Cheryl Bell (2019), Faculty of Dentistry
Cheyenne Henry (2020), Bissett Student Success Centre

University Committees

Job Evaluation Appeals

Bob Mann (2020), University Secretariat-Senate
Marina Theriault (2020), Facilities Management
Heather Fraser (2020), Information Technology Services

Transportation & Security

Kurt Sampson (2019), IT Services

Employment Equity

Kate MacInnes (2019), Dalhousie Analytics

Sexual Harassment Advisory

Jascinth Butterfield (2019), Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Environmental Health & Safety

Liz LeClair (2019), Office of Advancement, Halifax Campus
Michelle Sampson (2020), Pathology
Margaret Savard (2019), Dalhousie Agricultural Campus Administrator

Employee Benefits

Katheryn McInnis (2020), Faculty of Dentistry

Pension Advisory

Meghan Wagstaff (2019), Dalhousie Analytics 
Matthew Timmons (2019), Architecture & Planning (alternate)