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Know your neighbour: John‑Mark Dawson

Posted by Natalie Mike on April 29, 2017 in Community

Passionate about complex problem-solving, John-Mark Dawson’s skills are highly utilized in the Registrar’s Office Processing Unit. Currently covering a secondment as Assistant Manager of the Processing Unit, John-Mark's journey at Dal first started as a Political Science student with a job in the athletics department. He later took a full-time position as the Varsity Event Supervisor and then moved to the Registrar’s Office in 2012 as a Mail/Inventory Coordinator. It is in this role where he finds satisfaction in tackling complex problems; simplifying processes and streamlining workflow with an understanding of the big picture.

His other passions in life are his family, and his love of music. Especially singing! He grew up singing but after moving from Ontario in 2005, he gave his vocal cords a few years rest. Then in 2009, he was lucky to find his voice again—singing as the Bass section lead in St. George’s Round Church. The group has since formed a 5-part ensemble (Helios Vocal Ensemble) and they released a Christmas CD in 2016 entitled ‘An Illuminated Christmas’. 

When he isn’t road tripping and exploring the beautiful back roads of Nova Scotia, you’ll often find him up a ladder or in front of a workbench or saw. He admits he is easily excited about renovations and always has a project on the go— whether it's fixing up a rental property, building a barn in his backyard, helping a friend with a roof/deck (sounds like a good friend to have…) or knocking down walls in his own home—there is always work to be done.

And there is always work to be done in the Processing Unit. They constantly process thousands of documents and emails—applications, transcripts, acceptance letters— and the volume can be challenging. John-Mark likes to remember that each request is very important to that one person. It may be one of 10,000 transcripts for the upcoming term but for that one applicant, it is their only transcript. He likes to remind himself that he too was once in that position and that one day, his daughters may go through the same experience— which helps to keep perspective on what he does and why he comes to work every day.

Keep up the great work!