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We need you! Volunteer for the DPMG.

Posted by Jon Bruhm on April 20, 2017 in News
We need you!
We need you!

Interested in meeting new people across campus, learning new skills or sharing your knowledge to benefit your fellow DPMG members? The DPMG Nominating Committee is looking for candidates to fill several positions on the following committees:  

DPMG Executive

  • President (one position available, two-year term)
  • Vice President (one position available, two-year term)

Details about the responsibilities of these positions can be found here.

Standing Committees:

  • Communications (one position available, two-year term)
  • Membership Outreach (two positions available, two-year terms, specific to Carleton and Studley campuses)
  • Professional Development (five positions available, two-year terms)
  • Nominating (two positions available, two-year terms)

Find out more about what these committees do here.

University Committees:

  • Employment Equity (one position, two year term)
  • Job Evaluation Appeals (three positions available, three-year terms)
  • Pension Advisory (one position available, two-year term as Alternate, followed by a two-year term as Member at Large)
  • Transportation & Safety (one position available, one-year term)

Find out more about what these committees does here.


If you are interested in serving on any of these committees, if you know of candidates who you feel would be suitable for any of these committees, or if you have any questions, please email Terri.Mann@Dal.Ca by noon on Monday, May 8. In the event of multiple candidates for any available positions, elections will be held online via an Opinio survey in May.