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DPMG Standing Committee Primer

Posted by Jon Bruhm on January 23, 2017 in Community

Have you thought about getting more involved in the Dal community? Consider joining the DPMG volunteer committee.

Along with the DPMG Executive, the DPMG has volunteer representatives on four standing and seven university committees. Members of the DPMG looking to contribute to the ongoing success of the university are welcome to serve on these committees. It’s a great way to make some new contacts across campus, and perhaps picking up some new skills in the process.

Members are usually nominated for committee vacancies in advance of the Annual General Meeting, which takes place in June.

Today, we are highlighting the DPMG’s standing committees, each with a different area of focus:

The Communications Committee is tasked with increasing member engagement through a variety of avenues, from the website and social media to the new DPMG e-newsletter. “We are helping DPMG members and committees access and communicate information across the group while trying to give them some choice as to how they do that,” says Jason Lecoure, a committee member since 2015. The Communications Committee has three members, each serving two-year terms. There will be one opening in 2017.

The role of the Membership Outreach Committee is to coordinate a variety of social activities to engage the membership of the DPMG - from coffee break socials to washer toss tournaments and group yoga classes. “We’re the facilitators of fun,” says Kurt Sampson, a committee member since 2013. The Membership Outreach Committee has five members - one designated to represent each of the University’s five campuses - each serving two-year terms. There will be two openings in 2017 (for the Carleton & Studley campuses).

The Nominating Committee is responsible for filling vacancies on the DPMG Executive and Standing Committees, as well as DPMG representatives on University Committees. “It can be a challenge finding people to serve on all of these committees, but it’s a great way to get to know DPMG members from across the five campuses,” says Laura Harris Buffett, a member of the committee since 2015. The Nominating Committee has three members, each serving two-year terms. There will be two openings in 2017.

The primary focus of the Professional Development Committee is on the annual conference, which takes place in early June. Members are responsible for all facets or organizing the conference, from room booking and catering to securing speakers and sponsors. At the same time, the Committee also works with the University’s Human Resources Department and other groups on- and off-campus to coordinate additional professional development programming. “Serving on the PD Committee has been an excellent opportunity to meet staff members from all over campus, while gaining valuable professional knowledge,” says Kate Somers, a committee member since 2015. The Professional Development Committee has seven members (with five focused primarily on the annual conference), each serving two-year terms. There will be five openings in 2017.


In the next issue of the DPMG Newsletter, we will highlight the seven University Committees on which the DPMG has representation. In the interim, if you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to volunteer for any of these committees, please email