2019: Wellness at Work

How's it working for you?

Dalhousie strives to provide a workplace that promotes physical and mental health for all employees. But what does that mean when workplace laptops and cellphones are taken home at night and employees find themselves always ‘on’? Is work-life balance even a thing anymore? What role does equality and inclusivity play in a healthy workplace?  What resources are available to help you?

The 2019 DPMG conference, Wellness at Work: How’s it working for you?, helped answer these questions and more. The conference was held Thursday, June 6, 2019


DPMG Conference Schedule
Thursday, June 6, 2019


Registration and New Member Meet & Greet


Opening Remarks


Senior Leadership Panel


Annual General Meeting (AGM)


Platinum Sponsor – Stewart McKelvey Presentation


Morning Break


Concurrent Session 1

  • Michele Graveline – Medicine Wheel (Studley Gym)
  • Ally Howard & Lori Bauld – Networking
  • Janice MacInnis – Stress Resilience 


Howe Hall residence meal hall


Keynote Speaker

Dr. Ivan Joseph, Dalhousie Vice-Provost Student Affairs 


Platinum Sponsor – Lord Nelson Sponsor Presentation


Afternoon Break


Concurrent Session 2

  • Amanda Kirby-Sheppard – Dalplex & Physio Tour (Dalplex)
  • Lisa Tilley – Difficult Conversations
  • Jake MacIsaac & Mike Burns – Security & Personal Safety

Prizes and Closing Remarks


Closing Reception


Keynote speaker details

Dr. Ivan Joseph – Keynote Speaker

Dr. Ivan Joseph is an award-winning coach and educator who specializes in building high performing teams, creating a winning culture, and developing grit and confidence in individuals. Described as engaging, humorous, and “hands-on practical”, Ivan’s keynote will focus on story-telling to deliver practical strategies grounded in research that will help you find your purpose, develop your resiliency, and create a culture of wellness for the teams you lead and you.

Concurrent session 1 details

Concurrent Session 1

Michele Graveline – Medicine Wheel (Studley Gym)

Circles – by their nature they inspire balanced wellness. While sitting in Circle, we will look at the ways in which the Traditional Medicine Wheel inspires and grounds us to holism, the cycle of life, and interdependence. As a practical pedagogical and wellness tool, the Medicine Wheel can be used for self, others or potentially any project. Join us as we think about our own wellness plan.

Participants will meet in the lobby of the McCain Building and walk over to the Studley Gym together as a group. This session takes place rain or shine.

More about Michele Graveline: Originally from Northern Manitoba, Michele identifies as Metis with roots to the Red River and Northern Saskatchewan. She completed a BA(Hons.) at the University of Manitoba before relocating to Nova Scotia in 1995. Prior to coming to Dal, she worked for the Halifax Regional School Board as an Aboriginal student support worker where she utilized Circle Talk, and Medicine Wheel teachings throughout her time there. In 2008 Michele competed her MAEd (MSVU) with thesis titled Reinventing our Eco-Relationship as Natural World within the Medicine Wheel. In 2004, Michele used the Medicine Wheel in her Master Herbalist thesis Tree Medicine Wheel: Indigenous Trees of Nova Scotia. Again as a framework, in 2012 Michele wrote for Ningwakwe Learning Press Listening to Mother Earth and Father Sky: Teachings for Urban Aboriginals, a book specifically designed for Indigenous adult literacy learners and practitioners. In her work and play she has utilized the Wheel as an organizational, pedagogical and wellness tool.

Ally Howard & Lori Bauld – Networking

Does the thought of networking make you nervous or uncomfortable? You’re not alone! This workshop will explore practical networking skills to prepare you for a multitude of networking opportunities. You will learn tips for building and maintaining a professional network and strategies for your approach. Our relaxed speed networking workshop will allow you to engage with others in a safe and comfortable setting. We’ll provide you with tips and guidance that can be used in any networking situation, from a small coffee chat to a reception style event. Our speed networking technique involves participants gathering together to exchange information. Workshop participants will greet each other in a series of brief exchanges during a set period of time. During an interaction, participants share their professional backgrounds, interests and personal anecdotes. Come network with us!

More about Ally Howardhttps://ca.linkedin.com/in/ally-howard-11458519
More about Lori Bauld:https://ca.linkedin.com/in/lori-bauld-2868515

Janice MacInnis – Stress Resilience 

Everyone experiences stress.  We can't, and shouldn't, eliminate it completely, but we can learn practical, specific ways to reduce that "over-stressed" feeling and protect ourselves from its negative effects. 

Can you believe that stress doesn't happen to us?  It is a mind game, of sorts.  We interpret events as they occur and it is those interpretations that cause us to experience excess stress. Attending to what one can control and monitoring self-statements can go far in reducing worry. To aid in this endeavor, developing a series of stress relievers can be most beneficial. What works will vary between individuals and each must decide for themselves, which fits the situation and their personality.

More about Janice MacInnis: Janice MacInnis has worked in the field of adult learning at Dalhousie for over 20 years.  Her current role is Manager of Organizational Health, enhancing the health of employees and the health of Dalhousie as a workplace.  In addition to organizing a wide ranging program of wellness offerings, Janice helps promote practices that support productive and engaging workplaces and a positive institutional culture.  Janice assists groups and departments with workplace improvement strategies and presents on a wide range of topics across the university.  She has a Commerce degree and a Certificate in Adult Education from Dalhousie University, as well as a Masters of Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University.

Concurrent session 2 details

Concurrent Session 2

Amanda Kirby-Sheppard – Rediscover Dalplex

If it’s been a while since you set foot in the university’s main gym, we invite you to rediscover everything Dalplex has to offer! We’ll even give you a complimentary Dalplex guest pass just for showing up and participating in the session, so you can come back another time and try it for yourself!

 Highlights of the session include:

  • A tour of the new fitness centre and its amenities (new locker rooms, fitness hall, fitness studios), plus a visit to the fieldhouse, pool, and spin studio.
  • A brief stopover at the Dalhousie Physiotherapy Clinic, located on Dalplex’s lower level.
  • An opportunity to ask questions about membership options (including Sexton gym) and fitness/rec programs available to you.

Participants will meet in the lobby of the McCain Building and walk over to Dalplex together as a group. This session takes place rain or shine.

More about Dalplexhttps://athletics.dal.ca/

More about Dalhousie Physiotherapy Clinichttps://www.dal.ca/faculty/health/school-of-physiotherapy/Clinic.html

Lisa Tilley – Difficult Conversations

The mere thought of having difficult conversations fills most people with anxiety and it’s often very distracting within the workplace.  You don’t want to play the bad person, and you don’t want to have the situation blow up in your face.  As much as it’s tempting, you also don’t want to just avoid the whole messy situation either.  You want to take charge and talk about it – effectively.  But how?

This session walks through:

  • A review of foundational leadership, management and supervisory skills for enhancing accountability, execution and resolution
  • Tools and strategies for difficult discussions
  • How to improve results and relationships by confronting violated expectations and bad behavior

More about Lisa Tilleyhttp://www.upriseconsulting.ca/-lisa-tilley-.html

Jake MacIsaac & Mike Burns – Quit Playing It Safe (Security & Personal Safety)

It’s one thing to tell people to trust their gut when something doesn’t seem right but,as a manager, knowing what to do, who to call, and what to expect can be a  challenge when staff turn to you looking for answers.  Natural collaborators at heart, Mike and Jake, will share how adopting a relational approach to security work has appropriately shifted the focus of our service to #PeopleOverBuildings. Come find out some of the practical ways that Dal Security can be a resource to you in assessing and responding to security concerns in the workplace.

More about Dalhousie Security:



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