Clean and NextGen Materials


Khaled Benis
Assistant Professor, Process Engineering & Applied Science

Waste and biomass valorization;Water and wastewater treatment; Modeling and optimization; Adsorption; Pyrolysis; Biochar

D. Paul Bishop
Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Powder metallurgy; Processing of materials; Press-and-sinter aluminum alloys; Robust industrial engineering practices; Advanced mechanical property testing
Su-Ling Brooks
Professor, Process Engineering and Applied Science

Fermentations; Encapsulations; Extraction of natural products; Waste utilizations and treatment
Stephen Corbin
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
NSERC/Pratt and Whitney Canada Industrial Research Chair in Structural Brazing and Processing of Powder Metallurgy Superalloys

Powder metallurgy; Joining of light materials; High temperature thermal analysis
Michael Freund
Professor, Chemistry
Harry Shirreff Chair of Chemical Research
Director, CTRI

Electrochemistry; Conjugated polymers; Solar fuels; Artificial photosynthesis; Organic electronics; Machine olfaction; Surface science
Kimberley Hall
Professor, Physics and Atmospheric Science

Charge and spin dynamics in perovskite photovoltaic materials; Electron spin relaxation in III-V semiconductors; Many-body phenomena in semiconductor materials; Solid state quantum information using semiconductor quantum dots; Ultrafast dynamics and quantum control in semiconductors; Photophysical properties of diluted magnetic semiconductors; Photonic and spintronics devices
Erin Johnson
Professor, Chemistry
Herzberg-Becke Chair in Theoretical Chemistry

Theoretical chemistry; Computational chemistry; Quantum chemistry; Density functional theory; Intermolecular interactions; Physical chemistry; Materials
Azadeh Kermanshahi pour
Associate Professor, Process Engineering and Applied Science

Sustainable processes for production of specialty and commodity chemicals from renewable resources; Remediation process development to control the environmental impact of organic contaminants
Ghada Koleilat
Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Nanomaterials for energy conversion and sensing
Laurent Kreplak
Professor, Physics and Atmospheric Science

Biological physics; Near-field vibrational spectroscopy; Scanning probe microscopy
Brian Lilley
Associate Professor, Architecture

Computation in architecture; Innovative building processes; Materials research; Responsive environments
Jesse Maassen
Assistant Professor, Physics and Atmospheric Science

Solid state physics; Materials science; Condensed matter physics; Electrical engineering; Engineering physics; Transport modeling; Materials simulation; Energy conversion devices
Ted Monchesky
Professor, Physics and Atmospheric Science

Electrical transport properties; Magnetic nanostructures; Molecular beam epitaxy; Neutron scattering; Skyrmions
Kevin Plucknett
Professor, Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Chair, Mechanical Engineering

Advanced structural and functional ceramics; Composites (including fibre-reinforced); Inorganic foams and porous materials; Materials processing; Mechanical behaviour; Electron microscopy; Oxidation and corrosion; Biopolymers
Pedram Sadeghian
Assistant Professor, Civil and Resource Engineering
Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Infrastructure

Sustainable infrastructure; Fiber-reinforced composite materials
Alison Scott
Assistant Professor, Process Engineering and Applied Science

Design of polymeric materials; Structure/property relationships; Polymerization kinetics; Multi-component polymers; Polymer flocculants
Gurpreet Selopal
Assistant Professor, Engineering

Nanoengineering; Nanoelectronics; Photovoltaics; Green hydrogen production; Waste-water treatment; Solid state batteries; Smart agriculture; Biomedical Engineering
Farid Taheri
Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Computational modelling of materials; Fiber-reinforced composite materials; Structural rehabilitation and vibration-based damage detection; Smart sensors; Fatigue and fracture of materials; Characterization of impact response
Cristina Verissimo
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture

Adaptive reuse of buildings; Materials research; Design-build
Ulrike (Ulli) Werner-Zwanziger
Adjunct Professor, Chemistry

Solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance; Ceramics; Biomaterials
Mary Anne White
Professor Emerita, Chemistry

Physical chemistry; Materials, Energy; Thermal properties of materials; Materials science; Energy storage
Peng Zhang
Professor, Chemistry

Synchrotron X-ray spectroscopy; Nanoparticles; Catalysis; Biomedicine; Nanotechnology; Materials
Josef Zwanziger
Professor, Chemistry
Canada Research Chair in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Materials

Materials; Physical chemistry; Computational chemistry; Theoretical chemistry; Glass; Opto-mechanical effects; Nuclear magnetic resonance; Density functional theory