Dal Speak

Learn to talk the talk


Everyone has their own unique way of speaking, and we here at Dal are no different. When you're on campus you'll likely hear people talking and wonder what in the world they're saying—whether it's a bunch of acronyms that they'll assume you know, or some local slang or sayings that you've never heard before.

Never fear! Just use this handy Dal dictionary and you'll be able to keep up with the conversation.

Did we miss any? Let us know! Send your suggestions to studentlife@dal.ca.

Around campus

Aggie Nickname for an Agricultural Campus student
Banner Number
Your student ID number (aka BOO number)
CA Community Assistant: the students who work for Dal Off Campus helping other students who...live off campus
Carleton Carleton Campus: our Halifax campus that houses the faculties of Dentistry, Health Professions, and Medicine
CCR CoCurricular Record is an official document from Dalhousie that will recognize your accomplishments and the experiential learning that occurs outside of the classroom (community engagement, volunteer and service leadership, and awards for exemplary contributions). 
The Cohn The Rebecca Cohn Auditorium: the main 1,023-seat theatre in the Dal Arts Centre. Home of your induction in Orientation Week, convocation (graduation), and fantastic concerts and shows in between
Dal AC Dalhousie Agricultural Campus: our beautiful campus in Truro/Bible Hill that houses the Faculty of Agriculture
DalCard Your ID card and key to pretty much everything on campus
Dal Dollars Money that you load onto your DalCard
Dalplex The biggest athletics and recreation facility at Dal (fieldhouse, pool, courts, cardio, etc.) located on Studley Campus
DSU Dalhousie Student Union: the group that represents you with certain matters on campus and resides in the SUB (see below)
FASS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
FoodBucks Money that comes with a meal plan and be spent on food at outlets on and off campus
NetID Your key to the online world at Dal (basically your username)
LSC Life Sciences Centre (also known as "the mother ship")
RA Residence Assistant: the students who work for Res Life helping other students who...live in residence
RLM Residence Life Manager: the friendly staff members who look after the different residences on campus and guide the RAs
Sexton Sexton Campus: our downtown campus that houses the faculties of Engineering and Architecture and Planning
Studley Studley Campus: our main Halifax campus that houses the faculties of Arts & Social Sciences, Computer Science, Management, and Science (also: Studley Gym, Studley House in Howe Hall)
SUB Student Union Building (unless they're talking about a sub, which may be a sandwich at Subway...or a research tool in the Ocean Sciences Centre)
UPass Your Halifax Transit (bus and ferry) student pass—actually, it's a little sticker that goes on your DalCard to turn it into a transit pass

Around town

The Arm The Northwest Arm: the body of water right by Dal's Studley Campus that juts in from the mouth of the harbour and ends at the Armdale roundabout (perfect spot for sailing, rowing, canoeing, etc.)
The BLIP Bayers Lake Industrial Park: the generally uninspiring sprawl of big box stores on your way out of town towards Highway 103 (South Shore)
The Commons The big green space in the middle of the city with ball fields, skating oval, skate park, etc.
The Dingle The stone tower on the other side of The Arm, built by Sir Sanford Fleming (climb to the top for an incredible view!). Also usually refers to Fleming Park which surrounds the tower
Macpass Bridge pass: if you're doing a lot of driving back and forth over the harbour, this is the way to go (load money on, and you won't be fumbling for change at the toll booth). Bonus: it can be used at the airport parking garage and can be set up for the Confederation Bridge to P.E.I.
New Bridge The A. Murray MacKay Bridge: the one crossing the harbour furthest away from campus in the far north end of Halifax
Old Bridge The Angus L. Macdonald Bridge: the one crossing the harbour closer to campus at the bottom of North St. (think Old Macdonald)
The Oval The free speed skating oval on The Commons: you can skate on the ice during the winter (free skate rentals!), and use inline skates, scooters, and bikes the rest of the year
Pizza Corner The corner of Grafton and Blowers Streets downtown: formerly the home of late-night pizza joints on three of the corners, sadly there's now only one left

Other local terms and curiosities

Nova Scotians have an interesting habit of adding an "s" to the end of certain words: also, nowheres, somewheres
Caper Someone from Cape Breton (you're guaranteed to meet a ton of them)
Newf Someone from Newfoundland (make sure you're friends with the person before you go ahead and call them this)
CFA Come-from-away: refers to anyone living here who wasn't born here (not as endearing as people may think—use with caution)
Mi'kmaq (mig-maw or mik-maw): First Nations band of Native Canadians, indigenous to Canada's Maritime provinces
Keji Kejimkujik (ke-jim-coo-jik) National Park: a beautiful park of forest and lakes in the south-central part of Nova Scotia. If you like camping, you'll end up there
Musquodoboit (mus-kwo-dah-bit): an area just outside Halifax on the Eastern Shore (includes Martinique Beach, the longest sandy beach in Nova Scotia)
The Valley The Annapolis Valley: a beautiful agricultural area of the province, about an hour's drive from Halifax


For more Dal-specific terms you'll likely come across during your time here, check out the Important Terms page on the Academic Support site.