Start planning now! Listed below are the steps you'll need to take to apply for an International Learning Experience. Please read each step carefully and do your research before booking an appointment with the Study Abroad and Exchange Advisor.

1. Understand your options

  1. Read through the website, learn about the programs and opportunities available to you.
  2. Attend an information session or visit during drop in hours
  3. Attend the Go Beyond Borders Fair.

2. Considering an exchange or study abroad? Choose the departmental or university-wide stream.

University-wide programs

The university-wide program will allow you to take courses in a variety of subject areas, and you would be taught in English (unless you elect to take a course in another language).

Departmental programs

Departmental or faculty-based programs will allow you to take courses in one specific subject area. Courses may not be taught in English depending on the program of study.

3. Meet with an academic advisor in your department

Make sure you understand your degree structure and requirements so that you can answer the following:

  1. Is an exchange or study abroad best, or should you consider another International Learning Experience?
  2. Are there mandatory courses you can take early or that can wait until you return from abroad?
  3. Is it in your interest to try to save electives for when you go abroad?


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