MSc -OS Program

Does it matter if you are full-time or part-time?

We do accept part-time students, but full-time students are given priority.

How many credit hours does a student need to be considered full-time?

Full-time students may enroll in up to 12 credit hours per year (4 courses).  It is anticipated that the program will take 1.5-2 years to completed full-time. 

How does the pay structure work for a full-time student?

 It is anticipated that full-time students will pay the 1-year program fee in the first year while taking courses and then pay continuing fees in the second year while completing their thesis. See FGS for tuition and fee structures.

How many credit hours does a student need to be considered part-time?

Part-time students may enroll in up to 9 credit hours (3 courses) in any one academic year and must be registered in a course each term. It is anticipated that the program will take 3 years to completed part-time.  See FGS regulations regarding maximum time allowed to complete.

How does the pay structure work for a part-time student?

Part-time students are required to pay the program fee over three years then pay continuing fees beyond that while completing their thesis.

I see there is a thesis stream option for this program, is there a course-based option?

There may be a course-based option in the future, but the thesis stream option is the only one being offered at this time.

What are you looking for in a MScOS candidate?

We are looking for applicants who demonstrate a combination of academic excellence, leadership experiences, referee recommendation, and passion for the interdisciplinary field of occupational science.

Is there costs in addition to the initial program fees?

Students pay a Distance Fee per course to cover mailings, limited long distance phone costs, administration, and related expenses. Additional student expenses include: textbooks, long distance telephone and fax costs, photocopy costs for library materials, access to the Internet and other technology or software.

Can you transfer credits for this program?

Transfers are not accepted for this program.

Can I submit external credit hours through a letter of permission?

Students are not permitted to complete any credit hours outside Dalhousie.

If I meet the Graduate Studies criteria and have permission of the School of OT’s MScOS Program Coordinator, can I enroll in a 3-credit course offered within MScOS?

You can, but normally courses completed under Special Student -Graduate Studies (SSGS) status cannot be used for credits towards formal graduate programs.

Do I have to live near Dalhousie Halifax campus?

There is no required residency for this program, although some supervisors may request residency, when appropriate. 

Do I have to attend orientation?

All full-time and part-time MSc (OS) students are required to participate in an online orientation period of up to two weeks. The orientation schedule includes an orientation to the program, library and technology.

How do I connect with a Faculty Advisor?

Each thesis student is assigned a Faculty Advisor upon their admission to the program, within aim that a thesis supervisor is identified and agreed upon within their first term of their program.