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Occupational Science is an interdisciplinary approach to inquiry that studies the nature and function of human occupation as it relates to health, health promoting occupations, social and human rights to participation and the well-being of individuals, communities, and societies. Occupational Science provides important theories, critical perspectives, promotes the use of multiple ways of knowing and a contextual understanding of what people can and cannot do. Occupational Science also offers research insights that inform new approaches and understandings that can challenge barriers and injustices. Insights from research and the study of occupation will impact social change, policy, and inform inclusive workplace, rehabilitation and occupation based practices.

The Master of Science – Occupational Science program prepares students to conduct innovative research and use critical ways of knowing to develop theoretical perspectives on occupation, from within and/or outside the related profession of occupational therapy. Students have the opportunity to focus on specific individuals/populations, ways to increase occupational potential, social participation, health and wellbeing and promote the right to inclusive participation in occupations and meaningful daily activities . This online distant education degree program is well suited for students with diverse undergraduate degrees.

Why apply for our Master of Science – Occupational Science Program?

Dalhousie’s School of Occupational Therapy Master of Science – Occupational Science, offers educational and professional requirements that are attractive in today’s workplace. The program will:

  • Broaden your perspectives on occupation by applying occupational science concepts to analyze policies, theories and social norms that are intended to enhance occupation.
  • Teach you how to apply various research methods to address occupation-focused phenomena like revealing injustices or problems that preclude access to participation, the use of technologies and methods to track and analyze patterns of occupations and/or performance interventions in real time, or engaging in research that engages community partners in discovering ways to support inclusion in valued occupations.
  • Expand your understanding of how occupational science is used to transform epistemologies, policies, procedures, and practices in various settings and across diverse contexts.

Why apply at Dalhousie?

  • The School of Occupational Therapy is one of 8 schools and colleges in the Faculty of Health. Dalhousie’s School of Occupational Therapy (SoOT) offers the Master of Science - Occupational Science program online with friendly formats and schedules that offers flexibility for working adults and students. Location is no longer a barrier.
  • Dalhousie’s School of Occupational Therapy has been delivering quality online degree programs and courses internationally for over 20 years and are known for being one of Canada’s top Universities for online programs.
  • All classes are taught from an inclusive worldview perspective by experienced faculty who are experts in their research field. Our faculty and staff are committed to your success and offer access to a wide range or resources to support all our students.
  • Dalhousie’s School of Occupational Therapy faculty can inform potential students of funding resources to maximize assisted funding opportunities.  
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