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Occupational Science is an interdisciplinary field of inquiry that studies the nature and function of human occupation as it relates to health, justice, and the earth. Occupational Science draws on diverse theories and critical perspectives, embraces multiple ways of knowing, and informs a contextualized understandings about what people can and cannot do.

Occupational Science offers insights that inform new approaches and understandings that challenge barriers and injustices. Insights from research and the study of occupation can impact social change and transform practices.
Occupational science examines the types of things people do (and don't do) within certain contexts, influenced by factors such as ecology, culture, economics, and politics. Occupations can include paid work; however, in occupational science, the meaning is much broader. Occupation includes a wide myriad of things people do – or have done throughout history – and are attributed varying degrees of social sanctioning; things like caregiving, busking, activism, playing a game, bullying, dancing, or connecting with nature.

Why make the MScOS program your first choice?

  • Study a topic of special interest to you.
  • Connect with faculty who have strong international reputations in occupational science.
  • Receive mentorship to develop research skills.
  • Embrace opportunities to share knowledge in creative and innovative formats. 
  • Join the program from anywhere in the world. 
  • Engage in a rigorous, high quality Master’s program. 
  • Our program is designed to support students with diverse interests and backgrounds.
  • You will develop knowledge and skills invaluable for your future endeavours.

Why apply at Dalhousie?

  • The School of Occupational Therapy is one of 8 schools and colleges in the Faculty of Health.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of this 100% online program with formats and schedules that offer flexibility. Location of residence is no longer a barrier.
  • Dalhousie’s School of Occupational Therapy has been delivering quality online degree programs and courses internationally for over 20 years. We are known for being one of Canada’s top Universities for online programs.
  • All classes are designed to be inclusive, taught by experienced faculty who are experts in their research field.
  • Our faculty and staff are committed to your success and offer access to a wide range or resources to support all our students.
  • We inform potential students of funding resources to maximize assisted funding opportunities.  

This online program is comprised of 24 credits (course stream) or 12 credits and a thesis, which is equivalent to 12 credits (thesis stream) and can be completed either full or part-time. For additional information refer to the academic calendar.