You Wu

MPA Candidate 2016


Jiangxi, China  


Bachelor of Public Administration, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture

How did Dalhousie’s MPA program get on your radar?

When I was preparing the application for my masters degree, I considered several aspects. First, Dalhousie has a good reputation and ranking among the universities in Canada. I also found that about 80% of the graduates from this MPA program found a job two months after their graduation. Moreover, I heard that Halifax is a warm and beautiful city in Canada.

How has the curriculum enhanced your undergraduate degree?

I did my undergraduate degree, which is also public administration, in China. As the government structure is totally different here, I learned how the public sector works in Canada. The curriculum here has also enhanced my research skill and communication skill through group work.

What was your experience with your mentor like?  

The mentor program is also a valuable part of MPA program. My mentor and I have monthly meetings to discuss what would be the next step to help me achieve my career goal. She offers me her advice on my career development and is helping me build my network. We keep in touch, so I can always get her advice when I meet any problems.