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Frayne, Ryan
Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

Dithurbide, Lori
Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

Topics: Psychosocial aspects of sports, Group dynamics, Teammate efficacy, Team performance, Group behaviour

Grandy, Scott
Associate Professor, Kinesiology

Topics: Kinesiology, Exercise and cardiac disease, Cardiac disease prevention, Cardiac cellular function, Cardiac function and aging

Keats, Melanie
Professor, Kinesiology

Topics: Exercise and cancer, Young adult cancer, Health promotion, Physical activity

Kimmerly, Derek
Associate Professor, Kinesiology

Topics: Exercise physiology, Cardiac cellular function, Cardiovascular disease and exercise, Nervous system and exercise, Kinesiology

Ladouceur, Michel
Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

Topics: Kinesiology, Physiology, Rehabilitation, Spasticity management, Spinal cord injury, Sport

Moore, Sarah
Assistant Professor in Health Promotion, Kinesiology, and Recreation and Leisure Studies
Topics: Movement and play behaviours, Adapted physical activity and therapeutic recreation, Risky play and dignity of risk, Pediatric rehabilitation, Skeletal health and injury prevention, Childhood growth and maturation, Health across the lifespan, Knowledge translation

Neyedli, Heather
Associate Professor, Kinesiology
Topics: Motor control, Neurofeedback, Human factors, Ergonomics, Interface design, Combat identification, Human-automation interaction

Stone, Michelle
Associate Professor, Kinesiology

Topics: Physical activity measurement, Physiological health outcomes, Accelerometry, Population health, Health promotion

Welch, Jo
Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

Topics: Bones and nutrition, Bones and exercise, Health benefits of sports, Obesity remediation, Bone imaging

Westwood, David
Professor, Kinesiology

Topics: Cognitive neuroscience, Motor control, Movement disorders, Physiology, Kinesiology