Program details

Preparing you for professional practice

A multi-disciplinary study of human movement, the Master of Science Kinesiology (MSc Kinesiology) program focuses on the theoretical and applied aspects of human performance in a variety of settings.  The combination of theory and application, together with development of research skills, results in an outstanding academic experience and preparation for professional practice or further study.

Because Dalhousie has links with many institutions and organizations within Halifax and beyond, students are able to make important connections, resulting in valuable and meaningful collaborative learning opportunities.

MSc Kinesiology fact sheet [PDF]

Possible areas of study within Kinesiology

  • biomechanics
  • bone health
  • clinical and occupational kinesiology
  • environmental physiology
  • ergonomics
  • exercise physiology
  • motor control and learning
  • neural control of movement
  • nutrition
  • physical activity and health
  • sport officiating
  • sport psychology
Interdisciplinary PhD program

Dalhousie offers an Interdisciplinary PhD program. Many Health and Human Performance students, particularly Health Promotion and Leisure Studies, pursue doctorate studies through the Interdisciplinary PhD program upon completion of their MA or MSc.