Heather NeyedliPhD

Associate Professor, Kinesiology

Email: hneyedli@dal.ca
Phone: (902) 494-6786
Fax: (902) 494-5120
Mailing Address: 
School of Health and Human Performance
Dalhousie University, Stairs House
P.O. Box 15000, 6230 South Street
Halifax, N.S. B3H 4R2
(Office location: Dalplex, Kinesiology Suite, Rm 215F)
Research Topics:
  • Motor control
  • Neurofeedback
  • Human factors
  • Ergonomics
  • Interface design
  • Combat identification
  • Human-automation interaction


Curriculum Vitae

Bachelor of Science (BSc, Kine), Kinesiology, Dalhousie University
Masters of Applied Science (M.A.Sc), Mechanical and Industrial Engineering,
University of Toronto
PhD, Kinesiology and Physical Education, University of Toronto
Post Doctoral Fellowship, Clinical Neurosciences, University of Oxford

Research interests

Synopsis: Dr. Neyedli’s research broadly investigates how humans select, plan and execute actions and more particularly how humans optimize their performance in terms of these actions in a variety of environments. She uses statistical decision making models to assess decision making through action selection in laboratory-based tasks as well as in applied settings. Her research also aims to investigate and improve the performance of human and technology systems with previous work investigating a range of applications from combat identification systems to prevent friendly-fire to brain-computer interfaces to provide neurofeedback for stroke patients.