Our staff

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Administrative Secretary, Undergraduate Studies

Administrative and secretarial support, undergraduate Internship support. Website updates.

Phone: (902) 494-1154
Fax: (902) 494-5120

Lindsay Currie

Student Services Administrator

Administrative and academic counselling for undergraduate students.
Recruitment, and coordination of admissions and transfer credits.

Phone: (902) 494-3829
Fax: (902) 494 - 5120

Siddhartha Siddik

Administrative Secretary, Graduate Studies
Administrative and secretarial support forĀ graduate programs, working closely with the graduate co-ordinator. Main reception duties.

Phone: (902) 494-2152
Fax: (902) 494-5120

Joyce MacDonald

Interim Administrative Manager

Financial management, administration and facility management.
Member of the School of Health and Human Performance's Executive Committee.

Phone: (902) 494-1156
Fax: (902) 494-5120

Heidi Tracey Baillie

Student Services Administrator

Administrative andĀ academic counselling for undergraduate students.
Promotion and recruitment; co-ordination of admissions and transfer credits.
Co-ordination of the alumni program.

Phone: (902) 494-3809
Fax: (902) 494-5120

Patsy Koelink

Administrative Secretary to the Director

Senior administrative support, secretarial support to the director.
Calendars and timetabling.
Support to search, tenure, and promotion, and appointment committees.
Co-ordination of student awards, and co-ordination of the convocation breakfast.

Phone: (902) 494-1204
Fax: (902) 494-5120