Peter MacDonald


Educational background

  • Master of Applied Computer Science, Dalhousie University
  • Several math/computer science courses at Champlian College & University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
  • IT Diploma from Information Technology Institute
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Saint Mary's University 

Current position

  • Senior Developer/Solutions Architect, T4G

What are some of the things you do in your job?
T4G is an IT consulting firm so my day-to-day responsibilities change based on the client. Generally I develop enterprise level software applications for clients. On top of general development work, I meet and work with clients, internal and external management and quality assurance teams to establish and meet project requirements. I also assist junior team members in developing and implementing software project solutions and investigate process improvement strategies to maximize team productivity.

What are you most passionate about as it relates to what you do now?
I’m passionate about continuing to learn and apply best software development practices in all my work. I really enjoy contributing to a project and witnessing an idea unfold from design to delivery. Especially satisfying is when sound, reasoned theory is transformed into functional application. Collaborating with and learning from my peers and coworkers is something that motivates me to go into work every day.

What are some of the neatest things you’ve been involved with in your career so far?
One of my previous jobs I was involved in developing military simulators. More recently I’ve investigated the application and current state of the art in processing large data sets (“Big Data”). I’ve learned new theories, technologies, and practices in each position I’ve held since beginning my career.

What has Dal MACS program meant to your career? OR What are some of your fondest memories about your time in Dal’s MACS program?
MACS gave me the confidence to claim that I am a legitimate and valuable member of the software development community. Through the MACS program I was and continue to be exposed to a wide range of modern Computer Science theory and practice.

What has really stuck with you from your time in Dal’s MACS program?
I most value the relationships formed with fellow students and professors from around the world while in the MACS program. Everyone I met brought different experiences to their work and often surprised me in their variability and unique perspectives. Geography no longer determines where the brightest minds and best education is found.