Make your degree stand out

Did you know you can build skills in a specialized area of study by adding a certificate to your degree? Certificates are a great way for students to dive deeper into the topics that interest them, while also adding skills and experience to their resume. Although in most cases a student will complete a certificate alongside their degree requirements, some certificates do not require concurrent enrolment in an undergraduate program.

Certificates vary in their learning structure and requirements. While some are course-based, many offer research, practicum and interdisciplinary learning components, ensuring students gain hands-on experience. By adding a certificate to your degree or current skill set, you’ll ensure your resume stands out among the rest. For more information and to see current certificate offerings, visit the Academic Calendar and view the list in the right-hand navigation

Graduate certificates

For information about graduate certificates, contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

College of Continuing Education certficates

For information about continuing education certificates, contact the College of Continuing Education.