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General Contact Information

Faculty of Graduate Studies, Dalhousie University
Room 314, Henry Hicks Academic Administration Building
6299 South Street
PO BOX 15000
Halifax, NS, Canada, B3H 4R2

Telephone: 902-494-2485
Fax: 902-494-8797

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am - 4pm

Staff Contact Information

Marty Leonard



Adam Donaldson
Associate Dean

Telephone: 902-494-2047

  • Scholarships
  • New programs
  • Program modification
  • Curriculum issues
  • Program reviews

Eileen Denovan-Wright
Associate Dean

Telephone: 902-494-1331

  • Appeals
  • Academic integrity
  • Postdoctoral fellows
  • Thesis and Defence

Lynne Robinson
IDPhD Director

Telephone: 902-494-1157


Tasha-Lynn Baxter
Program Officer

Telephone: 902-494-6724

  • Administers graduate programs and graduate student progress
  • Advises students and faculty on academic regulations
  • Leads the FGS Student Services Team

Sarah Berrigan
Admissions and Convocation Officer

Admission Inquiries:
(Architecture and Planning, Arts and Social Sciences, Dentistry, Engineering, Law, and Management)

Telephone: 902-494-7178

Convocation Inquiries:

Telephone: 902-494-7178

  • Administers admission decisions
  • Compiles and verifies convocation lists

Jaye Cartney
Grad Student Services Clerk

Telephone: 902-494-4556

  • Student services and program support
  • Member of the thesis team

Patience Chareka
Acting Information Clerk

Telephone: 902-494-2485

  • Receptionist
  • Coordinates FGS graduate student bursary application process
  • Student travel and research grants

Graham Choi
Acting Grad Student Services Clerk

Telephone: 902-494-6542

  • Student services and program support
  • Member of the thesis team

Courtney Collins
Scholarships Liaison Officer

Telephone: 902-494-6246

  • Liaison Officer and scholarship administration for NSERC, SSHRC, and CIHR
  • Administers scholarship competitions
  • Killam Administrator
  • Administers Killam Postdoctoral Fellowship competition

Mary Anne Dib
Senior Graduate Funding Clerk

Telephone: 902-494-6725

  • Coordinates FGS scholarship allocation process
  • Administers graduate student payments (FGS scholarships GSPIPs)
  • Provides information to departments and students concerning scholarship funding

Nicole Fraser
Communications Clerk

Telephone: 902-494-2120

  • Updates FGS website information and forms
  • Assists in the preparation of graduate calendar
  • Electronic reference processing and support
  • Exit survey processing

Susan Hooper
Financial Clerk

Telephone: 902-494-2772
Membership Queries:

  • Financial processing
  • FGS memberships

Alicia Kirk
Office Administrator

Telephone: 902-494-6722

  • Human resources
  • Appeals
  • Executive secretary for Faculty Council
  • Exit survey management
  • Coordinates the Governor General's Gold Medals, CAGS/UMI Doctoral Dissertation, Dalhousie Doctoral Thesis Awards, and the FGS Distinguished Service Awards competitions
  • Program reviews

Helena Martel
Senior Thesis Clerk

Telephone: 902-494-6726

  • Provides information on all matters relating to thesis preparation
  • Coordinates thesis submissions
  • Arranges doctoral defences

Brenda Phillips
Acting IDPhD Graduate Secretary

Telephone: 902-494-8078

  • Interdisciplinary PhD Program

Andrew Riley
Marketing and Communications Manager

Telephone: 902-225-3153

  • Marketing, communications, and public relations counsel

Jasmine Smart
Recruitment, Retention and Admissions Officer

Admission Inquiries:
(Agriculture, Computer Science, Health Professions, Journalism, Medicine, and Science)

Telephone: 902-494-4341

Recruitment Inquiries:

Telephone: 902-494-4341

  • FGS Recruitment and Student Retention in collaboration with Program and Student Services officer
  • Administers admission decisions
  • Contact for Visiting Research Graduate Students

Paul Strople
IT Coordinator

Telephone: 902-494-6384

  • Development of the FGS website and information systems
  • Administration of FGS database systems and reports

Stephanie Theriault
Budget Officer and Assistant to the Deans

Telephone: 902-494-4317
Curriculum Queries:

  • Finance
  • Administrative support for the Dean and Associate Deans
  • Annual Killam Event organiser
  • Administrative support for the Academic Programs and Curriculum Committee
  • Coordinate curriculum submission records