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Think analytically and creatively

Engineers are creative problem solvers. Explore the nine disciplines of Engineering offered at Dalhousie.


Be part of new discoveries

Study and work alongside award-winning profs who are the source of new discoveries and innovations in fields such as mine design and electric vehicles.


The world at her fingertips

Laura Payne (BEng'11) came to Dalhousie from Corner Brook, Newfoundland, looking for new opportunities. Today, she’s a confident engineer, teacher, presenter and humanitarian.


Real-world problem solving

In Dr. Warkentin’s second-year design class, Engineering students design machines to solve the production issues of real Nova Scotia companies.


Program snapshot

Top 7 reasons to study Engineering at Dalhousie:

  1. Comprehensive: Choose from Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Computer, Environmental, Industrial, Materials, Mechanical or Mineral Resource programs.
  2. Co-op work: Gain invaluable real-world experience through the co-op program—and help finance your studies.
  3. Small classes: Study and work alongside award-winning professors who bring their cutting-edge research into your classes.
  4. Curriculum: Learn from hands-on and design-centred curriculum that gives you lots of opportunities to test your ideas.
  5. Social life: Broaden your Dal experience by getting involved in engineering student societies and the many activities and opportunities they offer.
  6. Career opportunities: Enjoy an exciting and rewarding career in virtually any engineering field anywhere around the world.
  7. Recognized: All Engineering programs at Dal are accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board.

What will I learn?


From design to digital circuits to thermo-fluid engineering, with nine disciplines to choose from, you’ve got a range of great engineering career paths to follow.

What can I do?

Student works with machine in shop

Whether you’re interested in working as a pollution control specialist, robotics engineer, production supervisor or anything in between, they sky is the limit when it comes to the great jobs awaiting Dal’s engineering grads.