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Our students learn to creatively solve tough real-world problems through hands-on experience. Explore our undergraduate and graduate programs.


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Award-winning research is carried out in each engineering discipline. Students learn alongside world renowned researchers in the classroom, the lab and the field.


A tag-team effort to support local entrepreneurs

The Nova Scotia Product Design and Development Centre is officially open for business [Read the Dal News story]


Dal Engineering research chair sparks the next communications evolution

Dr. Christian Schelegel's research in high-speed underwater communications networks recently received more than $2.3 million in funding. [Read the Dal News story]


Where sand meets surf

Introducing the IDEA Sandbox, a new space for student ideas and innovation


About the Faculty of Engineering

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Students of the Faculty of Engineering benefit from professors who mentor and guide them through practical, real-world design projects. Learn more about the Faculty of Engineering.

Faculty and Research

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Leaders in their fields, our professors engage and challenge students to develop creative solutions to local, national, and international problems. Learn more about our faculty and their research specializations.


Engineering News from Dal News

  • Preparing students for the public sector
    The School of Public Administration's innovative Professional Development Program is a finalist for an IPAC/Deloitte Public Sector Leadership Award.
  • Not‑so‑secret 'staches: Dal flaunts its facial hair for Movember
    Last Movember, Dalhousie finished as the top fundraising university per-capita in Canada. With the Rowe Mo Bros and Sistas leading the national rankings this year, Dal is once again finding fundraising success right under its nose.
  • Perspectives on Europe
    The Dal-hosted European Union Centre of Excellence welcomed a number of prominent guest speakers this term, including ambassadors from the European Union and Poland.
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