Your First Two Years of Engineering on the Truro Campus  

Dalhousie University offers a pathway to a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) through partnership with the Faculty of Engineering on the Halifax campus. Students can complete the equivalent of the first two years of their B.Eng on the Truro campus and then complete the last two years of their undergraduate degree in any discipline on the Halifax campus.

Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) (BSc. Agr.)

The BSc. Agr. in Integrated Environmental Management (IEM).

Courses offered highlight 4 pillars of environmental management, Technology, Energy, Water and Waste. This program is designed with electives and minors built in for student personalization.


Master of Science (Agriculture) programs are offered through the Faculty of Agriculture. Faculty members in the department of engineering currently supervise masters' students from diverse educational backgrounds. Topics in the department of engineering focus on the technological innovations toward integrated and sustainable management of resources: energy, waste and water.  Learn more about your graduate studies options within the Faculty of Agriculture.

Related Programs

A Certificate of Technology Education is comprised of engineering department courses. For more information please contact Extended Learning at or 902-893-6666.