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We host events on-campus, online and across the country to help you learn more about the opportunities that await you at Dalhousie.  Click below to learn more and register.  

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First Year Advising Tour

Academic Advisors and Assistant Registrars will be hosting individual advising appointment in many areas of Canada in late May and early June. For more information about course selection and registration, or to book an appointment please contact the representative who will be visiting your region:

Calgary / Victoria / Vancouver - curtis.clarke@dal.ca

Greater Toronto Area - nick.little@dal.ca

Ottawa - helen.hanbidge@dal.ca

New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island - chris.vickers@dal.ca

Nova Scotia - curtis.clarke@dal.ca

Toronto Public Lecture - Philosophy Weaponized with Prof. Duncan MacIntosh

Thursday, May 26, 7pm at The Burroughes, 639 Queen St. W, Toronto

No pre-registration is required and the event is open to everyone!

Sample a university lecture and meet other students interested in Dalhousie. Prof. Duncan MacIntosh teaches Introduction to Philosophy and other courses in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. He's the Chair of Dal's Philosophy Department and Executive board member of the Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.  

Philosophers traditionally try to question standard assumptions, provide new ways of thinking about moral and political issues, and reconcile seemingly competing values. This makes them especially important as the globe deals with violent political conflict.  

Professor MacIntosh will invite fresh thinking on topics recently discussed at a U.S. think-tank of which he is a member, topics like:

  • Should democracies tolerate some of their laws being kept secret from their own citizens? Would warfare be better conducted using automated weapons systems ("killer robots")?
  • Is the world well-served by the existence of the defense industry?
  • Is terrorism best seen as a military problem or a social problem?
  • How is a society to defend itself when its own sense of right and wrong is used as a weapon against it?