Sustainable Oceans 2014

The Sustainable Oceans Conference 2014 had an overarching theme of"Transforming a Sea of Knowledge into Effective Management." This conference took plae on April 11 12 in Halifax, NS.


The key goal of the 2014 Sustainable Oceans Conference was to explore the knowledge and policy interface. As such, this student-led conference aimed to achieve this by acknowledging different knowledge systems, and exploring how they work to inform policy making.

This conference aimed to:

  • Identify challenges currently facing the knowledge-policy interface in oceans management in Canada and to collaboratively indentify solutions
  • Provide students with the opportunity to practice their presentation skills, publish their work in an online technical series [PDF 2.85 MB] and to network with others involved in the field of ocean management.
  • Provide an exciting, innovative, and interactive platform for participants and professionals alike to learn from one another.
  • Bring together all sectors of ocean management and the wider community to explore and collaborate to achieve greater management solutions.

The Chair for Sustainable Oceans 2014 was Nicolas Winkler

To learn more about SO2014, please see the abstract booklet [PDF 1.98 MB].