Sustainable Oceans 2020

Local Ripples, Global Waves

The theme of the 2020 Sustainable Oceans conference was Local Ripples, Global Waves. The ocean is our lifeline. It feeds us, provides the air that we breathe, links vast continents, and helps foster deeper human connections. A healthy ocean supports a healthy Earth, yet finding ways to help our ocean flourish can be challenging. How can one individual make a difference when there is such a diversity of global interests influencing the ocean? Leading up to the UN Decade for Ocean Science, we strived to inspire local communities by having them consider how their local engagement towards a healthy ocean can contribute to global solutions. This fully virtual conference included a panel discussion on local contributions to the UN Decade of Ocean Science, a keynote speech by Dr. Diz Glithero, and a wide collection of oral and poster presentations from aspiring ocean leaders.

Program Booklet [11MB]