Sustainable Oceans 2018


Inspiring Happy & Healthy Oceans

The theme of the 2018 Sustainable Oceans conference was H2O: Inspiring Happy & Healthy Oceans. Nova Scotia is Canada’s self-proclaimed “Ocean Playground” yet there is often a disconnect between us and the ocean. Last year's conference aimed to promote behavioural change and improve ocean literacy to help people reconnect with the marine environment and inspire ocean positive and friendly choices in our daily lives. Ocean news often focuses on negative perspectives despite many positive stories and the progress being made in research. We therefore strive to bring optimism to the forefront. Together these aspects inspire a future of happy and healthy oceans, which were explored through our three subthemes:

  • Connection – exploring personal, spiritual and community connections with the marine environment

  • Innovation – new and inventive approaches to addressing complex ocean issues

  • Optimism – recognizing the positive strides and solutions to improve the health of our oceans

Download the 2018 Program Booklet here [2 MB]