Impact Ethics


SUPPORT was a clinical trial to evaluate the types of respiratory interventions that might help or harm very premature infants. This trial divided bioethicists on whether the parents who had agreed to enroll their infants were adequately informed of the risks. (The OHRP and SUPPORT and The OHRP and SUPPORT — Another View).

Update on Litigation in Looney v. Moore (SUPPORT Trial Class Action), Meyer Michelle, Petrie-Flom Center Blog, Harvard Law, February 2, 2014.

Our blog published three articles reflecting on the ethics of this trial:

The SUPPORT Debate Continues, Alice Dreger, November 6, 2013. 

Looking at and Learning from SUPPORT's Ethical Failures, Rory Kraft, July 22, 2013.

SUPPORT and the Question of What it Means to do Bioethics, Alice Dreger, June 27, 2013.


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