Impact Ethics

NTE In Action

Matthew Herder appears as a representative for the Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences reviewing changes to peer review at CIHR. Ottawa, ON. 17 Jan 1017.
Françoise Baylis & Angela Ballantyne edit a collection of published chapters on clinical research involving pregnant women.
Alana Cattapan at the Reproduction Research Group, De Montfort University. Leicester, England. 28 Nov - 23 Dec 2016.
Alana Cattapan presents to the National Women's Studies Association Annual Conference, Montréal, QC. 10-13 Nov 2016.
Françoise Baylis, invited speaker, Berlin, Germany. 9 Nov 2016 (9:00-10:30AM, Atlantic Time).
Françoise Baylis presents at session on Public Participation in Bio-Innovation, Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin. 7 Nov 2016.

NTE In Print

A scholarly journal article by Tim Krahn & Françoise Baylis.
A scholarly journal article by Alana Cattapan & Françoise Baylis.
A scholarly journal article by Matthew Herder and Tim Krahn. May 2016.
An article by Françoise Baylis in Le Monde. 11 May 2016
Alana Cattapan and Françoise Baylis publish a commentary in the Toronto Star. 9 Apr 2016.
A scholary journal article by Françoise Baylis & Heather Widdows. Dec 2015.