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NTE In Action

In this posted letter, Matthew Herder explains his reasons for resigning from the Patented Prices Review Board on Mon. 20 Feb 2023.
Françoise Baylis is interviewed by "Podcast or Perish" host Cameron Graham about her work generally, and on the ethics of gene editing specifically.
IDEAS speaks to world-leading bioethicist Françoise Baylis, a recent winner of the 2022 Canada Council Killam Prize for her influential work.
PHRI’s Executive Director Salim Yusuf joins his fellow 2022 Killam Prize winners (Françoise Baylis, Jeff Dahn, Carl E. James) in a panel discussion about research in Canada.
Françoise Baylis and Jeff Dahn—Two of Dalhousie’s leading researchers are being honoured with the $100,000 Killam Prize, winning two of the five prestigious awards granted annually by the Killam Trusts.
Françoise Baylis is a philosopher with an international reputation for her work in applied ethics at the intersection of theory and practice.

NTE In Print

Matthew Herder and colleagues critically analyze the basis upon which Health Canada approved OxyContin.
Matthew Herder and colleagues critically review the regulatory history of buprenorphine formulations in Canada.
Matthew Herder and colleagues publish on the topic of fair pricing and Canada's orphan drug policy.
Françoise Baylis publishes a blog on ethical issues regarding heritable human genome editing.
Françoise Baylis, Seema Mohapatra, and Natalie Kofler discuss concerns about the scientific, ethical, and practical risks associated with the broad use of COVID-19 vaccine credential programs, including racial discrimination and inequity at the hands of others.
Matthew Herder, Alexander C. Egilman, and Joseph S. Ross discuss Health Canada's release of clinical information, how use of the data to date appears low and why increased use of these data could be invaluable.