Impact Ethics

NTE In Action

Françoise Baylis is interviewed about the ethics of vaccine passports and proposes an equitable plan for the distribution of excess vaccines.
Françoise Baylis is interviewed by guest host Rosemary Barton on the ethics of a human challenge trial for COVID-19
Françoise Baylis leads a panel discussion of the ethics, policies and practices involved in selecting priority groups for COVID-19 vaccination
Françoise Baylis is the 2020-21 Wayne Morse Chair of Law and Politics for the month of February 2021 at the Wayne Morese Center for Law and Politics, University of Oregon.
Françoise Baylis is interviewed by Lorraine Chisholm for the Red Eye Collective about ethical concerns with how vaccination records for Covid-19 could be used.
Bruce Frisko (CTV News Atlantic) interviews Françoise Baylis about changes to Nova Scotia law regarding organ donation, making it an opt out system.

NTE In Print

Chris Kaposy compares the legislative processes for declaring and managing the pandemic responses in Ontario and in Newfoundland and Labrador and suggests that empowering Chief Medical Officers of Health makes for better public health decision-making.
Andrew Fenton and Letitia Meynell maintain that there is no ethical obligation to re-distribute COVID-19 vaccines to Ontario until the province justly and effectively manages their pandemic response.
Françoise Baylis and Landon Getz argue against the use of human challenge trials where healthy volunteers are intentionally exposed to the novel coronavirus.
Françoise Baylis and Landon Getz discuss the unfairness of how the needs and interests of youth and young adults appear to have been set aside during the pandemic.
Françoise Baylis and Natalie Kofler examine the prospects and criticize the proposal of COVID-19 vaccination certificates.
Matthew Herder and colleagues investigate how "Medicine regulators rely on pivotal clinical trials to make decisions about approving a new drug, but little is known about how they judge whether pivotal trials justify the approval of new drugs."