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Killam Prize winners discuss research in Canada

Posted by nte on July 28, 2022 in In Action
Image credit: PHRI
Image credit: PHRI

Connect to YouTube video here.

The video, produced by TheFutureEconomy, also features Jeff Dahn and Francoise Baylis of Dalhousie University for Killam Prize – Engineering and Killam Prize – Humanities respectively; and Carl E. James, York University, who won the Killam Prize – Social Sciences.

Yusuf had some strong observations about research in Canada, as well as global health, such as his comment, “for a rich country, Canada does not invest enough in research.” He also noted that:

“Advances do not carry passports. There has been thinking in some circles that research funded within Canada should primarily benefit Canadians.. that is too narrow a perspective. Ideas will come from all corners of the world, and our work in Canada should benefit people broadly. Right now, it does.”

All the panelists’ overall takeaway/call for action was that “the Canadian government must provide more avenues for long-term funding for research in order to capitalize on research talent and ensure Canadian researchers are producing the best solutions for complex issues globally.”

Watch the entire video here.