Impact Ethics



NTE: Impact Ethics

Formerly known as Novel Tech Ethics

We are an interdisciplinary research team based at Dalhousie University in Halifax Canada that does research at the intersection of health, bioethics, and public policy.

Our impact

We manage an online forum that presents a diverse range of voices and perspectives on current bioethical issues.  
We share local, national, and international bioethics news on Twitter and Facebook.
We contribute to local, national, and international radio, television, and print media.
We host public events, including film series and lectures that promote bioethics literacy and public discussion.
We advocate for revisions to healthcare guidelines, policies, and laws at the local, national, and international levels.
We present at local, national, and international conferences.
We publish in a range of venues, including books, academic journals, newspapers, and blogs. 

Impact Ethics is about using the tools of innovative, responsible, and accountable bioethics to improve health research, policy, and delivery.

Impact Ethics aims to make science subservient to the common good while promoting the responsible and effective development of technologies aimed at improving health and well-being.

Impact Ethics seeks to make institutions more responsive, accountable, and just by advocating for public accountability of public officials and institutions.

Impact Ethics is self-conscious in that it also critiques professional bioethics. Our research challenges ethicists to re-examine their values and bias and to be transparent about goals, priorities, and conflicts of interest.