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End‑of‑Life Care

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There has been an extensive debate on the matter of death and assisted dying on the pages of the Impact Ethics blog, led by Jocelyn Downie and with participants from varying perspectives: blog posts on the topic of death & assisted dying

See also the following links related to the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize physician assisted suicide in Canada:

MDs urged to write the rules on assisted death 
From the CBCRadio blog, "White Coat, Black Art" by Dr. Brian Goldman

CCTV Interviews Jocelyn Downie, November 19 2014 
Jocelyn Downie discusses euthanasia around the world (video)

2015 College of Physicians & Surgeons of Nova Scotia Panel on Physician-Assisted Dying
May 22 2015; panel members included Nuala Kenny and Jocelyn Downie 



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