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Call for vaccine trial participants

Posted by Canadian Center for Vaccinology on June 20, 2024 in General Announcements

The Canadian Center for Vaccinology is looking for participants aged 2-17 years old for a clinical trial in Halifax, NS. The study will evaluate a study vaccine against pneumococcal disease in children with certain chronic health conditions, including:

  • diabetes,
  • chronic liver disease,
  • chronic lung disease,
  • chronic heart disease, and
  • chronic kidney disease.

This study is comparing the study vaccine (V116) to an approved vaccine in Canada called PNEUMOVAX®23. The purpose of the study to evaluate the safety of the vaccine, see how well the study vaccine works, and how the body responds to the vaccine compared to PNEUMOVAX®23. All participants will receive either the study vaccine or PNEUMOVAX®23 as part of the study.

About pneumococcal disease

Pneumococcal disease is an illness caused by certain germs (bacteria) called Streptococcus Pneumoniae. There are more than 90 identified strains of these bacteria which can cause serious infections in the ears, nose, lungs, blood or brain. These infections can occur more frequently or be worse in children with chronic disease.

Currently in Nova Scotia, babies are routinely vaccinated with 3 doses of a pneumococcal vaccine in the first two years of life that protects against 13 strains. As of May 2024, children & adolescents ages 2 to 17 at high risk of developing pneumococcal disease may be eligible for an additional vaccine at no cost which protects against 20 strains.

PNEUMOVAX®23 protects against 23 types of bacteria that cause pneumococcal disease. V116 covers 8 more types of bacteria that are not covered by the currently approved vaccines.


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