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CLT Summer Assessment Retreat (July 4‑8, 2022)

Posted by Centre for Learning and Teaching on May 20, 2022 in General Announcements

Welcome to the Centre for Learning and Teaching’s first Assessment Retreat (July 4-8, 2022) — a week of fully online sessions on the topic of assessments!

Each session invites you to consider a different aspect of your course assessments and explore a range of topics and considerations for creating and supporting effective student-centered assessments for learning.


Depending on your availability and specific interests, you are welcome to attend individual sessions or the full week of sessions. We recommend attending the week in full, as it can be an opportunity for you dedicate time to thinking about and (re)designing assessments in your courses.

The week is broken down into two types of sessions that complement each other:

  • Building Sessions: These morning sessions are 90 minutes in length and invite you to consider your own assessment (re)design in more depth. These are followed by an optional 30-minute post-session check-in where facilitators will be available to consult and support you on their courses and assessment strategies, and help you set goals for your (re)design work during the week.
  • Exploring Sessions: The afternoon sessions are 45 minutes and cover complimentary special topics in more depth.  


The entirety of the week is to:

  • Give participants tools to feel empowered and confident in creating assessments that support student-centric learning,
  • Explore a range of scholarly and evidence-based practices associated with assessment,
  • Create learning opportunities for instructions and TAs that offer a range of voice, perspectives, and disciplinary approaches to assessment,
  • Offer time, space and support for individual reflection on assessment practices, strategies, and (re)design, and
  • To engage with peers and offer critical feedback and friendly critique.

Schedule and Registration

Monday, July 4

  • Conceptualizing Assessments (10–11:30 AM)
  • Assessments and Academic Integrity (1:15–2 PM)

Tuesday, July 5

  • Finding the Right Assessments (10–11:30 AM)
  • Reflective Assessments (1:15–2 PM)

Wednesday, July 6

  • Designing Assessments that are Equitable, Inclusive, and Accessible (10–11:30 AM)
  • Assessments and Large Classes (1:15–2 PM)

Thursday, July 7

  • How Feedback Can Support Student Learning (10–11:30 AM)
  • Rubrics (for learning) (1:15–2 PM)

Friday, July 8

  • Assessing Your Assessments (10–11:30 AM)
  • Ungrading (1:15–2 PM)

To learn more about the program and to register for this event, visit