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Pets of Dalhousie: Meet Percy Doodle and Dolly

Posted by Communications, Marketing and Creative Services on August 27, 2021 in Community Highlights
Great friends.
Great friends.

Percy Doodle and Dolly are poodle mixes who live with Sarah MacDonald, assistant dean, advancement with the Schulich School of Law.

*This is written in the voice of the dogs – they recited it and asked Sarah to send it in.*

My name is Percy Doodle but my full name at the vet is actually Percy Doodle MacDonald because Mum called for me.”

“I’m Dolly! Dad says it’s cause I’m small, blonde, and have a very loud and high pitched voice!”

“You know, it’s so weird, people will call me Percy but they also call me Perp, Perc, Big Guy, Big Fella, P Baby – the list goes on! Mum calls me Sweet P, and I think that’s nice.”

“I don’t have that many nicknames yet, except for when Mum calls – then I’m Booba, Bingbong, D Money, or her favourite, Big D.”

Species/breed: “Percy’s a big poodle mix and I’m a tiny poodle mix! Sometimes they’re called doodles.” - Dolly

Age: “I’m about to turn six years old and Dolly just turned the big one! My dad and I have birthdays close together, so we always have a big party. I can’t wait for this year ‘cause lots of people can come again! I even get my own cake.” - Percy

Fave food: “PIZZA BONES!!!!! For those who aren’t foodies like us, that’s a fancy word for the crusts. If our Nanny ever comes to visit, she always brings a Ziploc bag of them down for us. It’s the BEST!”

Special tricks: “We really aren’t those kinds of pets. We can make you a bit happier if you’re sad! Is that a special skill?”

Best quality: “I think the best part about us is that we love EVERYONE. Even if you’re grumpy, we’ll try and cuddle you.”

Social media platform or handle, if available: “Our folks and I have this little project goin’ called @Percy_Doodle over on Instagram. I can’t post myself because of the whole lack of thumbs thing, but I generally review the comments on my iPawd. Dolly has been making frequent appearances on the feed as well, so tune in daily to catch our shenanigans!”

Pets of Dalhousie wraps up next week. Thanks to all who have submitted profiles of your animal friends.

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